जब मानिसहरु यसरी जनावर भन्दा पनि तल झरेर अरुको तातो तातो रगत पिउन मा बेस्सरी रमाउँछन ?!


  1. Hi,
    If this is possibility it should be abolished sooner than later. This practice is unsuitable for any societies at present. When I was child we were invited to watch as a guess but my father advised me not suitable to watch being a kids therefore my father had left me behind. I have heard a lots but in order to continue individual culture and custom killing animal and drinking raw blood is inhuman being a human in the earth.
    Please find the other way to continue culture and society in the region.


  2. Hi,
    Above rating:

    Do you think it is Funny?
    No none of them. It is cruel.

  3. A significant sin and flow up rocky age ,neither God is pleasure nor healthy by drink raw blood which are killing innocent animal by several species in differnt time around the Nepal.Instead of these activities please,involve in creating school,Hospital,Road,electricity and clean drinking water,this is a way getting develpment of Country.


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