Is office Politics, favoritism and racism exits in the US company ?

By Sunita Sharma Koirala 

Even though it is saying there is no discrimination against employees at workplace , US offices are also not free from office politics, favoritism, and racism. Most of the Employees they do not like the office environment after entering in to the office and they switch jobs soon because of the office politics , favoritism, not well paid jobs , racism and so many other factors . 

Among these factors Office politics and favoritism  is the major reason and because of office politics and favoritism lose the right candidate and loss in the business . 

I have seen in Many American companies wherever I had worked there were lots and  lots of Office politics and favoritism mostly in the Indian groupings and some of them are exists in native American women grouping also . 

I also have even seen many Indian groups in the company who never support to another Indian groups but in cases  if they fight quietly inside the team sometimes in the end they  are being united and blame it to other cultures employees . 

Similarly, Indians employees applies too much politics in the IT office and if they have seen somebody is more talent than them or if some body looks more knowledgeable than them they do not like them and chose the candidate who is not harmful to their jobs . I have seen most of the Indians even though somebody  is a fresher in the job and once they entered in to the Jobs Indians take care very well to them and they stay longer in the job because Indian protects the other Indian very well. If in a project they hired one Indian and one for another race they protect Indians and even though the other one is more good and experience than the fresher one they do politics and terminate the another race person and keep the Indian one . 

I have seen in the Information Technology jobs few Indian are smart but not all of them, they are exists in the because of the team support . I won’t say only Indian are smart in the IT job, If you give an opportunity and support to everyone , everyone can do the same Job . Unfortunately , opportunities are not given and only supporting Indians in the IT jobs is a bad trained . Therefore,  I would say Indian are very smart on office politics so that they can survive for a long term doing office politics . As we know that after American Indians have majority in the IT offices  so if they wanted to keep somebody fresher they can keep them for long run because they can do the politics that way so that the other race holder professional need to be out of the jobs. If somehow they keep them they only keep who shut their mouth for their bad doings . 

In Office politics  If you do your duty more seriously and work hard than them ,then you will be in the danger for rest of people who don't do their jobs and do not work like you . You get trapped in to blame game , then what happened the Indian  employees listen only Indians . Bitter fact , most of the time an Indian can Influences the Senior American director or VP label and later on can end your job. 

Similarly, if you are from another  race and if you do your Job very well but Indian never will put you on the lists of appreciation, motivation Instead, they got Jealous , make you quit and take the all credits to them doing politics . If you spoke something against them they even come to fight  in the office and make you feel embarrassed and made  you worse in front of the seniors   Americans . If they saw you , you can do the leadership on his/ her place they  also do not hesitate to switch jobs  irrespective of favoritism or showing salary or  budget matter they can terminate your Job within a second . 

Therefore,  every work place has several challenges,  on top of that if you are not an Indian you will be on the blame and trap and after some time you will be out of the job . Even the manager who knows the truth will tie with the office politicians and celebrate your absence.  Then they recruit an Indian resources and celebrate the company is loosing the good candidate and this is how Indians groups are prospering in the US companies and even a single manager knows the truth but they are smart lie to the directors or VP label and they trust Indians too because in most of the American Companies Indians are the Implementation partner and Americans do not want to lose their business . 

So , Politics and favouritism have become the basic and common things now a days in the workplace but this is killing the right candidate,talent ,honesty and trust in the corporate world. Good employees are out of the jobs and bad unprofessional employees are enjoying the jobs . Employers should need to consider this things that  if valuable resources are not recognized or fired in the company then its a huge loss to their company only , this is the hard fact and true . If right employee are not given the opportunity and removed doing politics from the jobs then dishonest people ‘s majority will be grow up in the company and right people will never be survived. 

As a result , dishonest people will be rewarded and promoted then what happened, would you think that company will exist in the long run ? no way one day the company will be collapsed or devastated.As we are all know that there are lots of completion in the market now a days . Lots of companies have been facing merger and Aquisition  so that  companies are out of the market . If right people got hired in the right company company will thrive for a long run. 

Similarly, Every employees has their own commitments to lead personal life, if not paid well obviously switch the Jobs, you are right. Sometimes, Office Politics, favoritism are all secondary even some employees simply ignore and move on. But if you got in to the politics and got trap and of course there is a chance of fire also . But until you can Ignore and tolerate you can stay in the job otherwise no option you must quit a job after finding another one . 

Similarly , if any organization has  more than two employees definitely you have to come across all these hurdles. It's part of your official life. without these hurdles no interest in your jobs.

I have found some people are not too much professional while they do politics in the workplace . Actually,the  people who are the less qualified and bad they only play very dirty game in the office. I have noticed the bad employees even can harass the employee physically and verbally and laugh at them because they know their label and they enjoy laughing with their bad doings . The bad employees even can hack and leak the data and office Intellectual properties and employees personal Information from the HR and even lie and report bad thing to seniors  and it may terminate your journey if they are playing dirty politics and put you on the trap and of course jealousy spoil do the damage is irreparable. 

Sometimes because of the office dirty  politics religion , cast , race and  favoritism applies a lot and you will be the victim of the group of people if you are more professional and good than them, and because of their politics your career will be damaged and you will be no where in the job because Indian are spread everywhere and they have a good hold in the IT market in the USA so that they can easily Influence the recruitment and Americans which is a bad trend going on in US offices now a days and that should be stop some extent. 

If I am telling more Please don't let down your self-esteem and self-respect and keep your enthusiasm and confidence always high but stand against the evil boss or dirty politics in the office and through a resignation letter on their face and start new job with full satisfaction and honesty. 

I have seen in the Office politics the hiring manager including other three employees were harass an employee and later on they terminated the project , before terminated a project she filed a full sexual harassment complaints against  the entire team in the office but no body cared  . As a result the Indian sexual harassers were  still enjoying in the same jobs and the victim was out of the jobs . Could you Imagine these things also are on going in the American companies but no body cares and on the opposite some American ladies they are saving and caring Indian sexual harassers because of the favoritism. I have also seen Some American seniors they do not know most of the things so take an Indian as a helper and take all credits from the guy and they will stocked and shine in the job . Therefore , what ever the situation exists , Do your best to find the best people to help you out and grow everybody equally. Trash out your ego and try to be a Leader but not a boss because boss are really bossy for short term only and not for a long run. 

Some Said, If there is No Opportunity for survive or growth you can switch a job. In most of the offices Managers Know everything before you even tell something, but they also don’t know every politics and favoritism that is happening in the office .The bad employees make a politics like that so that you cannot reach a senior manager and if you reach him they will watch or follow you so that they made a politics like that the Sr. Manager will not trust you . Or they also will be biased and will not trust you what you are saying or if he trust you then  he or she  will be make alone in the office and  trap you blame you as you are doing bad but they are not . 

 “Most of the employees switch jobs not only they are been cheated in above scenario , but also they are giving the chance to bias people around to feel them like this unfortunately, this is the huge lose of the company “ 

An office employee said , “ In my Team - A Co worker is given 45 Percent hike with rating of 2.66/5 and two months of performance improvement notice. And I have a rating of 4/5 with no performance improvement notice, delivering tasks efficiently and smartly. He got 3000 more hike than what I got. Is this justifiable? This is heart breaking for me. Management people favor to those people who are helping them to make decisions and reduce their responsibility and some people they like personally. Non-management people should work where they are getting learning opportunities. Because new things learning only help them to sustain in. “

She added “ most people switch jobs because of better opportunities (money, role, company, passion), values or culture misalignment, disinterest in the work, micromanagement, no guidelines around or clear paths to promotion, and feeling undervalued (beyond the scope of financial compensation).” 

“ Most people switch jobs because that's the only way they can get professional growth.Employers should also start giving good opportunities to internal employees. Most new opportunities go to new employees because organizations don't want to reskill existing employees for new roles.” Some people said . 

On top of that , an Organizations should give more preference to internal employees first, giving time , value and resources, anyone can learn and perform and grow any new role.

On the other hand , Lack of skills or aptitude to deliver the job expectations is a significant reason as well. Lack of willingness to learn and move out is another reason. 

The team worked around the clock on a project, and it’s a huge success. You love getting the glory, so you scoop up the spotlight without giving any credit to the people. Some people said . 

As Some employees said, “ All of us want to be recognized for our achievements, so give credit where it’s due. Thanking your employees for investing their talent and time into their work is an effective way to make them feel appreciated. Giving authentic praise to your employees in front of their peers can go a long way. Plus, when your employees shine in the spotlight, so do you as their leader. 

1. Related paid well it can't be because no one entered without signing and agreed upon agreement with companies interview and Hr.management. 

2.Related politics it's very painful but as of the work concern company consider the talented employees, and the employees should do focus with their best to success what they are paid for. 

3.Faveoutism it's non of the employees business to interfere with management business they have to follow only their works and to prove that they are really capable to gain the satisfactory support of their management.

Most of times, employees Don't get proper support functions support to progress their talent execution it's not only compensation but lack of management training and co-operation for progress apart from ambience and culture of organization.”

“Now a days, expectations are increased from both sides, employee as well as employer. Sometimes Employee is not delivering the desired results and sometimes employer treat as slave to employees unfortunately,both are not the good sign. “

“No doubt employer pays well and on time, but other factors also count. I agree with many who commented on this issue. It depends on top Management, say Chairman, Owner if companies, how they keep their employees, depends on their H R policy. It purely depends on top Management policy as well . And if employees are disciplined, personal or professional everything will be under control. “ 

Out of the three reasons I  have mentioned above ,  I think,  the two will always be there favouritism and politics. However, the 3rd reason could not be the same for everyone. We cannot say that they are not paid well rather their growth stops after a certain time and when these employee compare themself from the market, they switch. So, another reason for leaving is designing of career path . 

I would say most people switch because of better opportunities which have been mentioned already . 

According to a research said “a whopping 44% employees switch their jobs in order to get a higher raise while 12% are forced to switch because of office politics and favouritism. Its all because of companies who are not able to treat their employees with the kind of acknowledgement they deserve for their work. As an employee grows and develop skills while working for a company, his market value increases and this makes him an attractive asset for competitor company. Thus, forcing them to look forward to them for a higher package. “ 

Nevertheless, people resign emotionally long before they resign actually. Good organizations/Managers if identify these at right time, it leads to successful retention.

You have to stick with a company for about three  years minimum.  Company don’t want any jumping people.  If you work hard they will definitely increase the salary  . now a days young generation change the company like shirt changing  to tell you frankly  not good for their future  and there is too much office politics. So you must select company where you can work peacefully  everything will be on the way one by one  example  join a company like Deloitte  they honour employees ability and reward suitably   sister  it is from my experience “ A Deloitte employee said . 

“of-course, I agree , as I said if the equations do not work out and conflict management is inherently there unless you are a trouble catcher/maker. Collaborative approach helps you succed better. Not only bossy employee but the same harmony is expected as a company culture”, she added . 

Some added ,”There is not a single job which provides a non-political, non-partial environment with so much money that you don't have to think of anything else. If you are paid more than what market is paying, you will have to loose your need for work-life balance and be okay with the stress you get in that job.Its stupidity to expect utopia.”

“ I think , the impact of politics on you, depends on your expectations from the management. If you're well aware of the surroundings then you'd know what is coming. You'll be prepared in advance. 

 honestly, I wont be able to survive in such environment where is too much politics and favoritism and of course nobody if they are honest .” Some said.

“It's my personal belief that we should not waste our  time thinking who is doing what and concentrate on improving my work but If need be I should not shy away from playing dirty game , “ somebody added.

 “I also Agree on keeping eye and ears open and also on part of concentrating to improve my work but what I have observed is - the people who are seasoned player in playing politics - will ensure that our work is hampered and we like honest employees face a lose. 

so rather than wrestling with a pig in a mud pond (where we are the ones who gets dirty but pig will keep enjoying), I would like to walk off and I quit many jobs because of the office dirty politics.” 

“I also Agreed, but it is a clear indication that such organization should  undergo to take steps to pacify the situation. Bottom-line is the ratio should be less across.” Someone added . 

“Middle  way is the way of life. you are talking about other extreme which no one is expecting. everything has a threshold which is also different for everyone. summary is that environment should have all parameters within value range . “

 I guess the person facing or feels facing politics is the one who decides them threshold and the action he would take. At times, that person might just let it go and at times he/she might fight back. It's all subjective. 

The best is to do a well crafted out strategy centered around self.. That has worked for several people over several employers.    But I agree with you that a completely golden opportunity will be very rare to find. So why not be equipped for it ? If we dream it we can do it let’s make the corporate culture better . 

These days politics has reduced to a large extent. What's missing is Emotional Intelligence. Companies, Management are losing people due to lack of emotional intelligence. Covid and WFH has helped as the employee is being treated the same way everywhere, so why not switch jobs and make more money. Bosses are not that bad, but they are also just surviving in their jobs, and not able to showcase EI ( Emotional Intelligence).

“Companies are organising sessions for mental health focus, HR initiative, dance classes, etc., yet no management is willing to compromise on 9 hour shift availability or efficiency.

It is because 1. Managers think that " If paid well the employee will not listen them and it's also a strategy to give in little amounts and keeping them down and low. Usually it kills the employees self confidence.

2. Office politics starts with the people who don't have such confidence that even if they move out they can get better job.

They try to stay there and impress managers by doing politics.It is the best survival skill for those who are worthless.

3. Favouritism is linked with many things of top level management.These are all just out of my observations.of course. Our peace should be robust enough not to be fragile for people who dont deserve it

I think we don’t need to generalise it.Human won’t be satisfied with whatever they have .they will always glance at a higher role.we should have an ethics in everything we are doing on our life.it might be that particular firm which helps him/her to reach out this stage where he stands .we should always try to think in both ways ,by the perspective of our company and by the perspective of our career as well.

Its just a comment from an unemployed inexperienced graduate one actively seeking opportunity, “some people says so. 

Some Saïd , “ Politics and favoritism is everywhere including your home. If people leave because of this, they will be hopping continuously. On money there is no upper limit... everyone will always want more and there is no limit to that. Employees should leave an organization if they don't feel respected or valued, their skills are made redundant or not required for the job, they are not learning and growing, or they find a much better opportunity (incl. pay and role).”

And they go to another place to face the same.  Does anybody need to know how to counter it?” Boss and colleagues can be influenced if you see it from a bigger perspective. “ so some women are jealous to another newly hired women if she doesn’t know the truth and experience about her. 

I have been even faced the Issues in many American Companies many American and Indian women are so jealous to me . looking at my personality they felt threat to me and Immediately they did the politics and made me out of the jobs . So this is the huge lose for the company but gain for them and this is happening in most of the companies where less hard worker women are placed. 

“Not necessary office politics is no an isolated phenomena what I mean is who is involved in office politics employees themselves its when you dont land up on the winning side we remember it. In terms or job switch then it means is once you switch a job and get the desired salary then there will be no further attrition in the respective organizations. “

“Favouritism I agree is something worth pondering on.Most of the employees will leave as soon as better paying jobs in desired locations are available as part of human nature not necessarily fault of any individual or system. A decent remuneration that matches the work's worth is the base criteria that organizations should work on if that is missing then yes people will move out.

If we go for details ,there are 2 kind of employees one is Hungry and hard working : 

such employees work hard, bet on their work ethics, are great team players, empathetic, kind, genuinely care about their work and the people they work with. 

But on the other hand Some employees are that kind of attitude and think that  -“No one else can shine brighter than me'.

They act their way into kindness and generosity towards the team. But if they saw new comers personality are better than them they do the politics and fire them Immediately. 

This is happened to me in couple of jobs where I entered and when I was talking with the senior Director nicely the lady junior director felt threat on me and Influence the hiring Indian , even offer the sexual offer and when I reject them they terminated my jobs . “

“If sometimes they did not fired employees keep but take all credit and shine bright . Similarly, Some cleaver Indian  they get people to do the hard work and tactfully take credit to shine bright Infront of the bosses. They observe, plan, strategize, conceptualize and take control of everything by taking away from their colleagues. In most cases their supreme success, despite it being unfair, morally and ethically wrong; it comes from " Favoritism" by the higher management.

As a result , The well equipped, educated, qualified, genuine employees who are now out in a negative, stagnant, disrespectful space, they move out ; because they surely deserve better job and work environment !”

Similarly, If boss attitude is good rest all will fall in place, but if  boss attitude is not positive then we need to find out the right one. All hunts end with right boss with right attitude towards work, towards people.If boss is bios and don’t equal treat the employees then the work place will be disaster so it is better to switch the job . 

Last but not the least , how do you evaluate a employee performance,when there is no opportunity given to him or her?

“This is the major challenges in all big firm and consulting firm. Startup firms are having a methodology to value of  the employee.So switching jobs from big firm to startup firm are common on now days.Most IT consultancy companies are having below challenges.”

1.High attrition of senior staffs,as they are not treated fairly

2.High compensation for fresher,with revised package for 6

Most of the clients doesn't know,they are high  budgeting towards third party vendors.”

Some said. 


“ No one wants to hire jumping jacks with little trade of knowledge. No employees also want to change the jobs many times . Who wants to switch? The ones who does not get a proper manager to work with they obviously want to quit . Okay if he/she is a manager then they don't have proper manager to work under. We all work under someone or the other but still we believe we own the company. Ego. What good is that if we carry it to the office? No good. So do your work as if without it you won't exist. You would do better. Appreciate and applaud. No one works for free .” Most of the people said . 

“You cannot change the universe. People are like that and they will not change for you. It is the person himself/herself who will have to change as per the need. You have to keep your mouth shut, if you open and pin point anything they will show you the doors of the office. At the end of the day you will suffer. If you have a family to feed then you can never open your mouth.  So accept the universe and people. Move along with Journey.  This life is not infinite nor everyone will remain infinite so just be happy and move along with whatever you have and whatever you can do. No human can take all wealth with himself/herself when he/she takes last breath. Color of Pulses and Color of rice is not going to change. Some might be able to Buy big car but some some might have to create a Car .  Just embrace and make yourself free from this non niceness universe , one will feel happy.” A professional said . 

Finally , yes , Predominantly due to bias and office politics employees are leaving the company. This is a huge problem and Is there any solutions or a way to come out ? Obviously, It is possible. It can be overcome by inculcating the right culture . Though may not be 100%, at least at a significant percentage we can make a change and can bring a positive organizational culture . And that must be start by ourselves. If we do it we can change the whole world not only the office culture . Let’s make it happen !


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