अलिकति मायाँ यतै,छर्किएर गयौ....

दोबाटोमा भेट हुदा, तर्किएर गयौ
अलिकति मायाँ यतै,छर्किएर गयौ

तिम्रो हाल जान्न खोजे,जब भयो भेट
मनमा अगाढ मायाँ राखी,झर्किएर गयौ

अलि पर पुगे पछि,लजाए झै गर्यौ
मुस्कुराई मलाई हेर्दौ,फर्किएर गयौ

जल्दै थिएँ आफै भित्र,खोज्दै थिएँ शितल
साउने झरी बर्षिए झै, दर्किएर गयौ

हेराईमा नशा थियो,नागबेली त्यो चाला
लोभैलाग्दो जिउडाल आहा!,मर्किएर गयौ
अलिकति मायाँ यतै,छर्किएर गयौ
- राज पन्त, ७ मंसिर , २०६६(२२ नोभेम्बर २००९)

"गोर्खा समाधि स्थल" 
 केन्ट्,बेलायतको पुर्बी शहर आश्फोर्ड्मा बसोबास गर्ने नेपालीहरुका लागि समाधी स्थलको समाचारले सेप्टेम्बर महिना भरी सन्सनी फैलयो ।   सगरमाथा गोर्खानेपाली कम्युनिटिले स्थानिय  बरोकाउन्सिलबाट आफ्नो
कम्युनिटी को लागी छुट्टै समाधि स्थल  प्राप्त गरी गएको १७ जुलाई २००९ मा गोर्खा समाधि स्थलको औपचारिकरुपमा   उद्घघाट्न गरेको थियो। उक्त समाधि स्थल  परियोजना  २००६ साल  देखिनै तत्कालिन कम्युनिटिका निबर्तमान अध्यक्ष श्री सन्तोश धलेज्यूको अध्यक्षतमा शुरु भएको थियो। हुनत यस समाधि स्थलको  उध्घाटन हुनु अगावै अन्य बिबिध जातिहरुको लागि  आ-आफ्नै समाधि स्थल  छुट्याई सकेको थियो जस्तै , चर्च अफ इङ्ल्यान्ड , रोमन कयाथोलिक ,मुस्लिम र स्ट्रिक्ट बाप्टीस्ट । 
यसैबिचमा आएर्, गोर्खालिहरुको ईतिहास थाहानहुने स्थानिय सानो समुहबाट उक्त सगरमाथा गोर्खानेपाली आशफोर्ड समाधि स्थल को बहिस्कार गरी यस्को  बिपरित सहिछाप बटुलदै स्थानिय बरोकाउन्सिलमा पेशगर्ने काम भएको थियो। तर यही बिहीवार १९ नोभेमबर ०९ को दिन स्थानिय  आशफोर्ड बरोकाउन्सिल र उच्च बातावरणबिद बिशेषज्ञहरुको भेलाले  उक्त बिषयलाई  पासगरी अब यस गोर्खा समधि स्थल  लाई अझ दरो र ऐतिहासिक  बनाउने काम काउन्सिलले गरेको छ । काउन्सिल्ले उक्त समाधि स्थल २०० बर्षा इतिहास बोकेको गोर्खाहरुको  लागि समर्पण् गरिएको हुनाले उक्त साइन बोर्डमा  थप्   "गोर्खालिको लागी यो समाधि स्थल  समपर्ण गरिएको हो'' भनेर लेखिने निधो भएको कम्युनिटीका  अध्यक्ष गोम्बा शेर्पाज्युले  बताउनु भएको छ ।  उक्त गोर्खासमाधी स्थलको बारेमा उत्तारचडाव कुराहरु अब यहाँ  आएर टुंङ्गो लाग्ने पनि अध्यक्ष शेर्पाले बताउनु भयो।

पोपीराज राई 

Be Humble and Thankful

-Prem Guragain, Anaheim, CA

"I found this Diamond Rolex watch. Here is the check for $10,000. Look at this gold bracelet. Wow, $2,000 cash."Robert gets excited hearing those comments from the team leader. These young people, in their neighborhood had organized a “donation campaign" during Thanksgiving Day. Their team leader Michael had the idea of going from door to door in this wealthy neighborhood and ask for donations. Many residents didn’t bother to open the door but these enthusiastic young people didn’t give up. They made a list of 500 homes and made up their mind to go to each household and kindly ask for donations for a great cause. They had made a nice flyer that read, “Please help those who are less fortunate. You will be abundantly blessed with this offering. Random Acts of Kindness never goes unnoticed. Please help the helpless.”

Today, when all the 20 volunteers got together and in front of their mentor, they opened up the boxes since most of the offerings were in the envelopes or in boxes and nobody would know before they reached their office, which they got for free from one of the local businessmen. When people ask them why you are all doing this, Michael would answer, “We would like to help the less fortunate children and their families in this world who don’t have enough food to eat and have no clothes to wear. While rest of the town is having fun in Thanksgiving, these children are expecting someone to give them something to eat or some clothes to wear."

When they finalized all the cash, jewelry, other valuable articles, it turned out to be approximately $425,000. People could see their enthusiasm, the passion and belief in their eyes when they went out to ask for donations. They had only one mission : to help at least 500 children and their families in Somalia. They have heard and read so much about their poverty and nobody was taking care of them. It all started with Michael, when he was an orphan, who had migrated from Somalia. He told his story, “I don’t know who are my father and mother. When I grew up, I came to know from one of the seniors in our village that I was being sponsored by an American family, while I was in orphanage. This kind hearted couple took me in their home in Los Angeles, CA when I was 6 years old. I grew up with other rich kids in my neighborhood in Beverly Hills area, went to Stanford University, finished my Eye surgeon course and now have been an established doctor in Beverly Hills, CA."

Nobody could tell that Michael could have been picked up from an orphanage home in Somalia. Today, when Michael sees all the fancy stuff: expensive cars, mansions, private jets, connection with the most influential people in the society, he still goes back to his private room where he had kept a small box, which contains the dress that he was wearing when he was found by these kind American couple in Somalia. Whenever he feels as if he forgot his root, he goes to this room, shuts the door, takes out those dirty, filthy clothes and thanks God for what he has now. Once his wife Josephine asked him why he locks himself in that room, he didn’t tell her the true story in the beginning but after her repeated question, he revealed the secret. Josephine cried with him and was so honored to be the wife of such a humble person.

Now, Michael is the Director, Board of Trustee, Chairman of so many non-profit organizations all over USA. When somebody asks his secret of success, he smiles and says, "Believe in your heart that ‘You are the GREATEST MIRACLE in the world’ and God has made you for a very special purpose. There is nothing that you can’t do if you put your mind behind it, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up."

By looking at Michael’s happy and successful life, it forces one to think, “Why are so many people wasting their valuable life trying to put others down and neither they become successful in their profession nor help others succeed.” Life is so precious and nobody knows when is that last breathe is taken. Many people live their life as if they will always be here, not knowing that one day, they have to leave this world too. I was fortunate enough to meet Michael in one of the charity donation events and got a chance to ask him few questions: “How can you start an organization that helps the community to be better : in spirituality, right education, creating values, protecting cultural values.” To all my questions, Michael gave me one simple answer: “Find the right leadership, always be UNITED and work as a TEAM. Remember, in TEAM, there is no ‘I’. If you follow your heart, know that this is the RIGHT THING to do even though nobody knows your name, be humble and caring, you will succeed in anything you do in life. Any project you get involved in, you will be very successful and people will be searching for you everywhere whenever there is something new going on.”

As I sat down and saw this book in front of me, I realized that it has been 5 years since Michael had left this planet, I was amazed to go back and read the page where he had personally autographed his book, that just became International best seller after his death. He had lived his life in so much social service that everybody wants to know everything about Michael’s life: CNN, Times, People, Los Angeles Times, and other media from across the world. His wife Josephine told the news reporter that people want to know about Michael and want to write his biography in 50 other languages. Michael never wanted publicity while he was alive and he had very simple philosophy: “If you think you are helpless, go out there and help others who need help more than you do. God will come to your rescue." How true that is. What would happen to this planet earth if we have some more Michael in every corner of our society. How many of us have written our obituary ? We know that once our time is over on earth, we have to leave and go but what are we going to leave behind: Mortgage Payment, Credit Card debts and all kinds of Debts to our children as a gift or something for them to be proud of their parents who created something great so that they can follow their footsteps. Something to think about before it is too late.

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