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Press Release: NRN National Coordination Council of USA
December 28, 2012

 NRNNCC New Executives for 2013-2014.

As per  NRNNCC of USA Election committee’s email dated December 1st 2012,

NRNNCC New Executives for 2013-2014

1.      President: Mr. Pralhad KC, MA
2.      SNR Vice President: Mr. Shiva Kumar Rai, NH
3.      Vice President: Mr. Rajendra Khatiwada, KY
4.      Vice President: Mr. Brihspati Lama. MA
5.      General Secretary: Ms. Upama Kadel Lama. TX
6.      Joint Secretary: Mr. Jay Mandal, CA
7.      Treasurer: Mr. Rajendra Shivakoti, CA (CPA)
8.      Public Relation: Mr. Narayan Gurung, OR 
9.      Media Coordinator: Ms. Banita Katila, NY

On the behalf of NRNs of USA, NIC (Nepal Investment Company of USA)  has announced of its initial $250,000.00 investment for the NRNA ICC initiated collective investment for 100 MG Hydro Project, of which 25%  has been  transferred to the account of Nepal Investment Company of  Nepal. 

As per calling of NRNA/ICC for collective investment in Nepal, NRN NCC of USA formed a Collective Investment Committee (CIC) team here in the USA, headed by Mr. Anjan Shrestha (as Coordinator) and Dr. Shambhu Dhungana (as Co-Coordinator) along with other five able members (Ms. Punam Risal, Ramakant Kharal, Brishpati Lama, Sonam Lama and Tenzing Ukyab).

CIC swiftly move forward in collecting all the legal and procedural information regarding investing in Nepal by NRNs. After series of meeting and discussion, Interested NRNs decided to form a Nepal Investment Company here in USA and invest through this company.

NRN NCC of USA and CIC widely provided information regarding investment to the NRNs of USA, in a short period overwhelming response was received. As a result, Nepal Investment Company has announced of its initial $250,000.00 investment. I am happy to inform  that several other country’s NRN friends have also contact us and are following this process to invest in Nepal. We are in the process of helping them to form a company with the intent of investing in Nepal.

I would  also like to inform you that there a number of people who are interested to invest as an individual basis and some of them either already transferred the funds or in the process of transferring the funds.

I assure you that, this is just the beginning and we will be seeing more and more interest in investing in Nepal to join hands with fellow NRNs. 

In this process, I must thank to the able leadership of Anjan ji and Shambhu ji along with the strong support from Mukesh Singh (NRN Regional Director) and Punam ji (CIC member). I would personally like to see more and more people to join hands to make the NRN Investment Company a success.

Thank you.


Pralhad KC


NRN National Coordination Council of USA


Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you that the New Executive Committee of NRNA NCC US has been formed under the leadership of Mr Prhalad KC.
My best wishes and congratulattions to Prahlad jee and the entire executive members of the newly formed NRNA NCC of the US .I look forward to working with you all more closely in future.

I would also like to say my big thanks to Tswang jee and the members of the election commission for their hard works and efforts to conduct the successful election.

NRNA secretariat: Please update the NRNA homepage with the new committee members.

PS: Attached is the list of the new Executive commiitte. Please use this personal email of Prahalad jee (premla@aol.com) if you are planning to send the congratulatory notes to NRNA NCC of the US.

Kindest Regrds
Jiba Lamichhane
President ,NRNA ICC


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