Are you guys taking the covid-19 vaccine after the nurse reaction ?

- Sunita Sharma Koirala , New York

 When a news broke out today stating that a health care worker of Alaska got a adverse reaction minute after receiving the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine then lots of the people were under the fire stating that “Why they are pushing this vaccine directly in to the  health care workers first and why not to all of the politicians ? If something happened to all healthcare workers who gonna save you and me ? It’s very sad right ? , to be honest, I am not gonna take this COVID19 vaccine until it works 100 percent “an older women said. 

The Alaska health care worker, who was identified as a middle-aged woman, had an allergic reaction and shortness of breath within 10 minutes of receiving the first of Pfizer's two-doses on Tuesday. Then many people have expressed negative reactions over the Pfizers’s COVID-19 vaccine and started analyzing on their own . 

After taking Covid19 medications Surviving chance is about 98 or 99 percent whereas taking the vaccine is only between 90 and 94% ? So why is it that we're taking a Covid19 vaccine for something that we have more chances of taking risks ? On top of that it has not been tested on human or animal first and with in nine months how quickly they lunched the Emergency vaccine ? “It has not done proper tests and research under the Covid19 vaccine “ some people said 

Most of the American got scared and said that  many people might have got the negative reactions but not coming out to disclose it . 

As I asked a question to an Elmhurst hospital Health care doctor , she said, “ Many people might have adverse reactions to penicillin and lots of other medications.If you got allergy it is not recommended to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Similarly , pregnant women and heart patients are also in the high chances of risk of taking the COVID -19 vaccine. Rest of them can take it . 

After taking the Covid19 vaccine one of a Nurse told me that it is ok to take covid19 vaccine and I just took it today and I am feeling good . She added “ It is so normal to have some fever and pain after taking any vaccine. Even after taking flu shots also it hurts and Irritates  for few days and sometimes comes fever too but this is normal.”

allergic reaction is that kind of reactions that some people’s bodies probably don’t like the test that designed to fight for the  covid-19 and dose of that kinds of contents might hurts gives pain and even Irritates them . 

The Covid19 risk benefit ratio  Indicates that there is 99.7% recovery rate and the rushed and experimental vaccine got only 95% effective rate which is a very  poor choice.So many Americans are not very satisfied with the Pfizer’s Covid19 vaccine. 

Researchers says , “70% of people will have adverse effects to this from moderate to severe there's going to be many more people and a lot of neurological damage . If you're scared of this vaccine and got sickness dying without taking the vaccine than it is better to take the vaccine. Sickness can be cured but sickness is no worse than flu so stop being fear and take it . If we fearless our bodies will get over it naturally and we will be alright if not this This vaccine is might bring more pain than good.

Literally,  every vaccine have some  an adverse reaction. They  are designed to provoke an immune response, the same immune response your body gets when exposed to the illness. I have heard about that many people have adverse reaction to polio , Flu , Measles and many more kinds of vaccine . I just took a flu vaccine last couple of days ago and I am still feeling pain in my neck ,left arm and headache. I am feeling like weakness and more  hungry as compared to last last week ,and also getting Irritations sometimes but I know I will be ok after few days . Finally , Something is better than nothing ,therefore , I am very positive about the vaccine that came out for the existence and it made a history in the USA and also heard about that the Alaska nurse is getting better now . 

Moreover ,I  would like to wait and watch and would like to research few more days looking at the outcomes and Reactions that people have and I will make up my mind that I would like take a Covid19 vaccine or not . 

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