Miss Nepal US is Going to be held on September 25th at New York

 - By Sinita Sharma Koirala 
As we all know now that Miss Nepal US is going to be held on September 25, 2021 at the Queens Theater, New York, USA. Along with grand performance of talented Top 10 national finalists representing various states, well know singer Anju Pant, The Voice of Nepal 2020 Winner Kiran Gajmer, Singer Bikki Gurung and Nepali American Artists Association various artists will be performing live at grand finale of 10th Anniversary Celebration Miss Nepal US 2021 going to be held on September 25, 2021 at the Queens Theater, New York, USA. The event host will be the renowned media personality Sanjay Silwal Gupta.
Under the leading mentorship of well know media personality, TV host and trainer, Malvika Subba, the virtual training and grooming sessions of top 1o national finalist happening now stating from September 11, 2021. Miss Universe Nepal 2007 Nagma Shrestha working as official choreographers and Miss Universe Nepal US 2020 Anshika Sharma also associated as Grooming Coach.   
Founded by well-known Nepalese American community organizer and social entrepreneur, Mr. Amit Pratap Shah, history of Miss Nepal US began in 2011 in the City of New York.  Recently recognized by U. S. Government Trademark and Patent Office as a registered trademark, Miss Nepal US®  (मिस नेपाल अमेरिका) program has become a strong platform for Nepalese Americans youth networking, empowerment & to celebrate their rich diverse Nepalese American cultural heritage while embracing their beauty with pride and dignity in United States of America. So far, an $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars) scholarship has been also awarded to young Nepalese American ladies to support their education/charity work through the Miss Nepal US event. This unique program is a year-round opportunity for women to earn scholarships, grow their networks, learn valuable life and career skills, and make a difference in their communities.
Miss Nepal US event organizer has also been announced partnership with K Foundation Global as Social and Humanitarian Initiative partner. 
Moreover, Miss Nepal US also has been recognized and endorsed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. He said , “
It is a pleasure to join Miss Nepal US in welcoming everyone to its 10th Anniversary
Celebration.” He added, 
“Established in 2011, Miss Nepal US is guided by its mission to empower the next generation of Nepali Americans, preserve their rich heritage, and support charitable causes in the United States and Nepal. Its annual pageant is an opportunity for young Nepali American women from our city and beyond to compete for scholarships and the chance to serve as an advocate and cultural ambassador for their community. “ 
As we understand Beauty is not only having a pretty Face, it is about having a pretty mind, soul and heart. Miss Nepal presentation is a unique program and a year-round opportunity for women to earn scholarships, grow their networks, learn valuable life, develop their social and educational skills and career and make a difference in their communities. After winning the Crown, we believe a Miss Nepal winner can bring a huge change in our Society and in our nation as well. 
Through the virtual audiation involving many distinguished personalities, we have selected Top Ten Contestants by Contestants order randomly ; Apekshya Singh Gurung Pariyar, Kala Neupane, Pratiksha Shukla, Pratisha Pradhan, Preetiza Jaishi, Reeya Shrestha, Sunita Adhikari, Sanyamita Shrestha, Sonysha Thapa, Alisha Limbu. 
Along with the most coveted crown of Miss Nepal US, this year’s winners will also get sum of 5,000 USD scholarships for other titles such as Beauty Without Limits and Miss Academic Excellence along with other subtitles such as Miss Talent, Miss Influencer, Miss Photogenic, Miss Runway, and Miss Congeniality. 
Furthermore, we are also launching a Miss Nepal US Foundation and through these initiatives we will be also providing cash prize to Beauty Without Limit project title winners and other socially impactful charity work.
Last but not the least, on behalf of the Miss Nepal US family and organizing team, we would also like to express our sincere thanks to all participants and their parents, sponsors, media partners and all others related stakeholders for their continuous support and cooperation to make the Miss Nepal US event happen. 
Everybody is welcome to support these wonderfully talented young futures of our community during our Grand Finale Show which is going to be held on September 25th 2021. Congratulations and best wishes to all selected finalists. We look forward to everyone’s continuous love, support and participation to make this year’s event even, Bigger, better and better. For more information and reserve your tickets please visit www.missnepalus.com


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