Former Nepal Police Chief ( IGP ) Sarbendra Khanal Shares Crime-Control Expertise with NYPD Leaders

       Former Nepal Police Chief Sarbendra Khanal with senior NYPD officers .

New York/ America, May 01, 2024 - Former Nepal Police Chief Sarbendra Khanal joined senior officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) for a discussion on public safety and quality of life in New York City. Khanal shared his experiences with them on Tuesday. The event, held at the General Society Library in Manhattan, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss strategies for keeping New Yorkers safe.

A renowned figure in law enforcement, Khanal offered insights into the challenges of crime control. His perspective was welcomed by NYPD officials, including Commanding Officer of Midtown South Precinct, Arron Edwards, and Chief of Crime Control Strategies, Micheal LiPetri.

The roundtable also featured participation from Curtis Archer (President of the Harlem Community Development Corp.), Mark Jaffe (President of the Greater NY Chamber of Commerce), Kent Swig (President of Swig Equities), and Captain John Stotts (Commander of US Army Recruiting Stations).

“The mix of attendees highlighted the importance of collaboration in addressing public safety,” said Amit Pratap Shah, member of Queens Community Board 6. -Source: Nepyork

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