Nepal Education & Cultural Center is organizing 2-daylong Mahapuran Gyanyagya with Deen Bandhu

Dear community members:
 It’s our utmost pleasure to inform all the community members and friends that Nepal Education and Cultural Center is organizing 2-daylong Mahapuran Gyanyagya (Hindu spiritual ceremony) from April 3 – 4, 2010 at its new property Beallsville, MD.  In this great event, fascinating spiritual speaker Pundit Deen Bandhu Pokhrel will be reciting the Bhagawata Purana (a Hindu holy book which is collection of Vedic wisdom in story form).Pundit Deen Bandhu Pokhrel is gloriously popular name and spiritual figure for all the Nepalese people around the world. In last two years alone, he raised over Rupees 2 billions reciting the....
Bhagawata Purana in different parts of Nepal with his exemplary oratory skills. That money is being spent in remote areas of Nepal for rural development primarily in construction of schools, colleges, hospitals and other basic needs of the people.  In recognition of his philanthropic works, president of Nepal awarded him with National Peace Award in 2009. For more information, please visit at: http://www.nepalnews.com/main/index.php/news-archive/2-political/4839-pokharel-to-vie-for-guinness-for-collecting-rs-8-billion-reciting-mythical-stories.html

This time, he is lending his hands to the Nepali Diaspora in the USA graciously accepting the invitation of Nepal Education and Cultural Center, Washington DC. We request all the community members to join hands with his readiness in supporting the Nepali community to build our own Nepal cultural center and preserve our identity of Nepali origin.

The events details are as follow:

Date:   April 3rd Saturday and April 4th Sunday, 2010
Time: All day (11 AM to 6 PM)
Venue: 20520 Beallsville Rd, Beallsville, MD 20839

Please contact for any information:

Coordinators & representative of NECC Area Committees

Alexandria Area Committee: Madhu Bhandari: 571-344-8356, 703-649-0765
Arlington Area Committee: Nirmal Thapa 703-276-2352
Baltimore Area Committee: Sabina Thapa
Chantilly Area Committee: Ram Chandra Bhattarai: 571-294-1236
Gaithersburg Area Committee: Makar Rayamajhi: 240-644-2318
Lorton Area Committee: Bipin Raj Upreti: 703-909-0460
Manassas Area Committee: Ram P Khanal: 703-419-0924
Rockville Area Committee: Beda Pradhan: 301-949-7562

For more information, please contact NECC Management Team:
Mhendra Karki: 443-540-6261
Prem Sangraula:703-356-3874
Khilendra Neupane:301-987-0588
Netra Ghising:703-597-4098
Bimal Devkota:240-485-8714
Ram C Kharel:703-926-9530
Saroj Prajapati: 240-246-5821

Nepal Education & Cultural Center
Greater Washington DC

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