Public support key to success of security personals - Thakur Maohan Shrestha, DIGP, Armed Police Force

Public support key to success of security personals - Dec 11, 2007
By Thakur Maohan ShresthaI am now attached with the service of armed police force. In the course of my service some days before, I was the brigadier of Armed Police Force Brigade. My designation was Deputy Inspector General of Armed Police Force (DIG). I was always dedicated towards the civil and public service and still I am doing so. This is my commitment till I am bound to my service as I feel proud for that.

In the course of my duty I am serving with all my efforts. I was promoted to DIG of  Armed Police Force and Baraha brigade of Pakali Sunsari was my duty station since 2063 Chaitra 11. I had to go through my duty very sincerely. In the critical and transmission period the job handed to me was tough enough to carry on. In the context of duty I have performed my duty without any discrimination. In the journey of my job, smuggling were controlled up to some extinct.

My job regarding the internal administration is well known to the residents of Eastern Development Region. Five persons of the criminal group were killed during the encounter. 64 pieces of arms were seized and 362 were arrested and handed over to Nepal police for further investigation. 10 people abducted from different groups were freed from the effort of armed police. 17 stolen motor bikes were seized. Goods worth 2 crores 12 lakhs 5 thousand were collected which were imported without paying duty cost.

The collected goods were submitted to the concerned office. For the purpose, 5 border security forces were mobilized. Similarly for the security of the CA polls armed force police camps were established in 16 districts headquarter and 56 constituencies. Similarly, a huge amount of bettlenut was seized, which was being taken from Jyamergadhi of Jhapa from the boarder. The amount was packed in the1 thousand and 60 packets of 100 kg bags. The matter was highly covered by the national media. This wouldn't be possible without the support of
locals, local organizations and the political parties. In the course of my duty, I was brought into the debate. The propaganda that the journalist Govinda Ghimire was beaten was made. I am concerned towards the baseless news that could hamper my professional life. The news has disappointed me and my colleagues. I have collected the very bitter experience from the incident.

I request the respected press for not believing in such baseless news. Such baseless news can decrease the credibility of the respectable press. Of the belief over the press declines, it cannot perform its duty properly in the situation when the citizen rights are being weakening because I believe that the press plays very important role in the society.

For the subject I have reported to the armed police force headquarter, Home Ministry and Prime Minister Girija Prashad Koirala with the evidences. Me including the police under my leadership are no more involved with the case of Mr. Ghimire.

Only the security personals are not sufficient for the national service. For the civil service, no one can move ahead without the public support. In my national and internationally gained working experience, I have learned that no one can win over the security personal who have got the public support.
Taking about the countries following the rule of law, history is witness to the attainment of rule of laws by the active public participation.

So as a nationalist security personal, I always wish and will be expecting the public support and belief in the course of my duty. I will be always on the behalf of the national welfare with the full effort. I commit for the same.

As per the order of the government now I am working at the BaidhayaNath brigade, Kailali headquarter at the Far Western Development region.

On the occasion I am grateful for the support of the public of the Eastern Development Region. That will act as my guidelines to pave out the path for future also. So, I pray for the secure and prosperous future of the eastern people.

(DIG of armed police force, Thakur Mohan Shrestha is the brigadier of the Baidhya Nath Bregade, Kailali  ).

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