Please help to Mr. Tej Bahadur Karki !

Dear Community Leaders, members and friends,
Embassy of Nepal has asked Nepali community organizations, members and friends to help Mr. Tej Bahadur Karki, who has been suffering from some psychological problems. Mr. Karki, a citizen of Nepal, came to the United States under Diversity Visa Lottery few years ago.  Since then he started experiencing health problems that led him to mental distress, which is getting worse these days. With the level of depression and mental problems he needs urgent help. He wants to go to Nepal. He is asking day and night with Nepali community and Nepal Embassy for financial assistance to cover the cost of his one way ticket from US to Nepal as he is struggling with his living these days. As per Embassy’s request, and as “Prevention is better than Cure”, we must act before it is too late as this kind of situation can be life threatening. Regarding our collective effort to provide financial help (buying one way ticket to Nepal) to Mr. Karki, Nepali Organizations’ Sajha Manch cordially request all Nepali community members and friends to help Mr. Karki. Let’s think the burden of pain we deal with for a Nepali after unnatural incident happens to him/her. Why not prevent such unnatural incident before it happens and why not act ahead rather than regretting later. America Nepal Women’s Association of Greater Washington D.C.(ANWA) has agreed to take the initiation to raise fund enough to buy him a one way ticket to Nepal and Nepal Embassy will make sure his safe departure from DC. As some of the organizations (ANS, NOA, DAS, NPPA and ANWA) have already shown their commitment to some financial support, we would like to request all Nepali communities to make contribution from their part to help our fellow Nepali. Thank you very much!

Please make check payable to ANWA and mail this to:
Sharda Khati
ANWA Treasurer
1909 N Underwoood Street, Arlington, VA 22205

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