अनुराधा कोइराला र राजदुत डा. शंकर शर्माको सम्बोधन र फोटोहरु पनि, वाशिङटन डिसी मा !

America-Nepal Women’s Association of Greater Washington (ANWA)र साझा मंचको आयोजना, डिसी वर पर रहेका बिभिन्न संस्थाहरुको संलग्नतामा अनुराधा कोइरालालाई यसरी(हेर्नुस् फोटो र भिडियोहरु) अभिनन्दन र सम्मान गरिएको थियो । जसमा अनुराधा कोइरालाले सबैको मन छुने मन्तब्य राखेर सबैनेपाली लाई सोंच्न वाध्य बनाउनुभएको थियो भने अमेरिकाका लागि नेपाली राजदुत डा. शंकर शर्माले कोइरालाको सम्मानका साथै सो क्षेत्र मा भएका कार्यको बारेमा प्रकाश पार्नुभएको थियो । बिष्णु थापाले सन्चालन गर्नुभएको उक्त कार्यक्रममा केही अमेरिकनका साथै बिभिन्न संस्थाका प्रमुखहरुले पनि बोल्नु भएको थियो सम्मान मन्तब्यका रुपमा।
थप फोटो र भिडियोहरु हेर्नुस् Read more »मा

अन्तिमको एउटा भिडियो श्रोत : डिसीनेपाल, अरु सबै फोटो भिडियो ॠषि राम खनाल/नेपाल मदर डट कम
Honoring  Anuradha Koirala CNN Hero 2010 in the Washington DC metro area
 On Sunday, April 24th, 2011, the Nepali Women’s Global Network (NWGN) and the Association of Nepali Women in America in Washington DC (ANWA) organized a program to honor renowned Nepali activist Anuradha Koirala, who was declared “CNN Hero of the Year 2010” by the CNN in December last year. Koirala was greeted by seven young Nepali girls, traditionally referred to as panchakanyas, and over 250 Nepalis attended the program at the Waterford Hall in Springfield, Virginia. Bishnu Thapa, President of NWGN and Coordinator of ANWA organized and provided the leadership of this highly successful event.

Sudeep Shrestha,Coordinator of Nepali Oroganizations’ Sajah Manch showed a video commemorating the work of Anuradha Koirala and Maiti Nepal, the organization she founded and runs, to help rescue and rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking in Nepal. Biva Ranjeet, vice president of NWGN welcomed the attendees and recognized the representatives from numerous organizations and the media for their support of the event. Introducing Ms. Koirala, was Dr. Bidya Ranjeet, the vice president of NRN NCC USA. Dr. Ranjeet spoke about Ms. Koirala as an inspiring figure and how small acts of active kindness make a big difference in people’s lives.  Speaking at the program, Nepali ambassador to the United States Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma said that Koirala’s recognition as a CNN Hero has helped shed light on the larger issue of sex trafficking. He also assured that the government of Nepal has focused on putting measures in place to prevent trafficking and punish those who are involved in the heinous crime.
Ms. Koirala was recognized by Non Resident Nepali National Coordinating Council USA and  members of over 30 Nepali organizations based in the United States, each of them stressing on the importance of her work and praising her commitment to rescue vulnerable young Nepali girls who are trafficked to India and the Middle East.
“There is nothing you can completely eradicate from the world. But what we can do is make an effort to prevent the problem in first place.” says Ms. Koirala, speaking at the event. Koirala also stressed on the importance of understanding the difference between trafficking and prostitution.
NWGN and ANWA are  non-profit organizations that help promote networking, support and self-reliance among Nepali women through education, advocacy, service and collaboration with groups that have similar missions.
 Thank you and Regards,
Bishnu Kumari Thapa

On behalf of ANWA and NWGN, I would like to thank all our sponsors/ supporters, Media and volunteers of CNN Hero felicitation program.  Without the support of following sponsors and volunteers, we would not be able to perform such an excellent program. Your support and generosity did not go unnoticed. Thank you once again for your support to make this program a grand success.  We look forward to working with you all in the near future.
Our Sponsors of felicitating CNN Hero Program are listed below:
·         Mr. Ram C Kharel - Sagarmatha TV and Image Audio Visual Professional LLC sponsored the Sound System and the Projector Presentation.
·         Nepalhorizons.com and Sagarmatha Television - Live webcast.  
·         Water Ford Receptions Team, Ms Nerisha Joshi, Ms Sharmila Upreti and Staff serving on the day.
·         DCnepal.com – Live webcast
·         Sanjha Manch coordinator, Dr.Sudeep Shrestha and Team, Mr. Bijay Thapa, Mr.  Khem Bhatachand and Mr. Prakash Neplal
Following sponsored in part towards venue, tea/coffee and dinner reception.
·         29th ANA convention committee  
·         Embassy of Nepal Washington DC
·          Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America (BANA)
·         Mr. Kabindra Sitaula - SAAB Realty. 
·         Mr. Manoj Shrestha - Travel House Nepal
·         Mr. Hari Sharma - Accrual accounting.
·         Mr. Loknath Tiwari - The Shangri-La Restaurant
·         Mr. Hans Sawyer  and Team.
·         Mr. Chewang  Sherpa Lama
·         Mr. Pramesh Shrestha - TRAVEL SOLUTION USA
·         Ms.Deepa / Mr.Raj Rimal - Professional videography and Editing Studio

Not to forget our special thanks to little PANCHA KANYAS who volunteered with their charming and beautiful smile to welcome Ms. Anuradha Koirala. Their names are as follows: Dharati Pokhrel, Jina Rani Pokhrel, Manaswi Koirala, Richha Khanal, Abha Shrestha, Rita Sangraula and Shreyasi Adhikari.
All ANWA and NWGN team join me in thanking all listed above and entire community of Washington DC for your great participation.

Ms. Bishnu  Kumari Thapa

Dear Nepali Community Organization Leaders and Friends,

We, on behalf of Nepali organizations’ Sajha Manch, would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratefulness for your active participation in the felicitation of our CNN Hero Ms. Anuradha Koirala. The Host of the program (ANWA and NWGN) did an excellent job, and with all of your supports and contributions the program was a grand success.  If we work together like this in the future, I am sure we will make a good impact in our community especially for the welfare of Nepal and Nepali.

Special thanks to the following organization leaders/representatives:


Ms. Bishnu Thapa, PresidentANWA, NWGN
Suman Timilsina, PresidentNRN NCC of USA
Ananda PaudyalAmerica-Nepal Chaupari
Kamal BhattaraiAmerica Nepal Sahayogi Samaj
Nagendra Paudel,  PresidentAmerica Nepal Society
Simon Dhungana, President,  Association of Nepalis in Americas
Bijay Shrestha, President, Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America
Ram Hari Subedi, Chief EditorDcnepal.com
Shyam Limbu, PresidentDharan America Society
Dipak Ghimire, Vice PresidentHURON-USA
Prakash Nepal, PresidentInternational literary society, DC chapter
Basu Shrestha, Chief EditorKhasskhass.com
Laxman Pradhan, PresidentNepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye
Dharam Bishwakarma, President, Nepal America Society for Oppressed Community
 Dr. Anup PahariNepalHorizons.Com
Dr. Shyam Karki, President, Nepali American Public Affairs Council (NAPAC)
Ram Prasad Khanal, Chief Editor -Nepalmother.com and President - International Artists Forum
Rajesh Shrestha,PresidentNewah Organization of America
Sarmila UpretiSagarmatha Television
 Shreelal Moktan, President, Tamang Society of Greater Washington, DC
Pearl Regmi, President, Tanahun America Society
Khem BhattachanThakali Samaj
Govind Giri, Prerana, Chief Editor, Vishwaparikrama
Goma SangroulaRadio Dovaan

Many thanks and best regards,
Sudeep Shrestha, on behalf of Sajha Manch

अमेरिकामा घर जग्गा किन्न बेच्न र यस सम्बन्धी कार्यका लागि  !
 जिन्दगीमा घर धेरै पटक किनबेच गरिदैन,
 त्यो पनि अझ अमेरिकामा, घर किनबेच गर्दा सहि रियल्टर र कम्पनी छान्नु भएन भने पछी तपाईंले धेरै दु:ख र झन्झट पनि बेहोर्नुपर्ने मात्र होइन घर त्यसै छाड्नुपर्ने पनि हुनसक्छ पछी, तसर्थ परिपक्व, चिनेको र बिस्वासिलो रियल्टर र कम्पनी सँग घर किनबेच गर्नु तपाईंको लागि राम्रो हुन्छ ।   अमेरिकामा ३० बर्ष मा सबैभन्दा कम interest Rate छ अहिले, मात्र 4.5 % वार्षिक । यो बेला घर किन्ने बेला हो । घर भएकाले दोस्रो घर किनेर राख्ने बेला हो । लगानी गरेर प्रतिफल कमाउने बेला हो । अमेरिकामा घर जग्गाको को भाउ बिस्तारै माथि जादै गरेकोले लगानी गर्नेहरुले प्रतिफल पाउने राम्रो अबसर छ, तपाईं ले पनि बिचार गर्ने कि ?? घर किन्न बेच्न र यस सम्बन्धी कार्यका लागि म तपाईंलाई सहयोग गर्न तयार छु संपर्क गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ ।
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