बाल्टिमोर अमेरिकामा नेपालीमुलका २१ बर्सीय बिक बहादुर गुरुङ को गोलीहानी हत्या,परिवार को यस्तो बिजोग छ !


  1. Ram psd dai,Thanx for your support in Nepali community compaigning various programm continuing our culture and such your hilarious job in different sector.As you doing hopefully you will get strong support from all nepalese.thank u dada,

  2. Great! keep on posting. It is a blog though.

  3. ram prasad da, it is great that you manage time to collect news in bhutanese community. We as bhutanese residents don't know our adakshyaa. He might have said aadhyksya himself while no one identified him a aadkshya yet.

  4. We the bhutanese in baltimore are very much thankful to nepalmother.com for the video publicity of the sorrowful incident in our community. The sympathy you have shown is most appreciated and we wish to have those helping hands if needed in forthcoming days.
    But, very sorry to comment one thing that someone took a chance to apply his vested interest through your publicity. He made "You" to publish him as "President" of bhutanese committee. But it is not true. Tito Satya-- plz, make it sweet While chewing and digesting.


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