नेपालमा हिन्दू धर्म मास्ने नेता रुपी राक्षसहरु हो, हेर यो भिडियो हिन्दू धर्म केहो सुन बिदेशी बाट !

What is Hinduism ? How I become Hindu ? Like other religions; Hinduism is not based on Hell and Heaven Superstition. It is not based on blind beliefs which makes everyone a stupid follower of faith. Hinduism will never ask you to believe something blindly; but asks you to search for the truth within. Other than this world; there is no Hell and Heaven; but it's our own karma makes our life similar to Hell or Heaven. The responsibility of a Hindu is to protect the nature and all the creatures around us. There is nothing bad in this world; everything is divine. Just like our body, the entire universe is made up of five elements. That means our body is also a tiny universe. As there is mind, intellect and consciousness within us, So in this universe; there is cosmic mind, cosmic intellect and cosmic consciousness i.e, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively. God is not a person or a being but Pure, Absolute, Infinite Consciousness i.e, Shiva...! Goddess Gouri (Shakthi) represents the Cosmic Energy. Combination of this Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Energy creates this Universe again and again. Realizing this Consciousness and merging our self with this Cosmic Consciousness is known as Self Realization; which is the aim our life. It is the simple and best path a person can choose in his life. There is nothing to do with your faith or belief; as it's pure science...! If you don't want to search for the truth through hinduism; just leave it and enjoy your life in the way you likes without hurting others. It is called Dharma; the freedom to live in the way you likes. Religions Spoils this world because its based on Superstition. Dharma Protects this world because its based on Knowledge. Hinduism is not a Religion; but it's Dharma (Righteousness) Welcome to Hinduism; to realize the ultimate truth within...! "Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free...!" Aum Nama Shivaya...!


  1. Nice, nicely explained ;)

  2. its really Nice Ram Sir, I Liked this well & innocent explained by this Lady woman, I salute it!!


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