Nepal: Illegal INGO Carter Center to target China pushing free Tibet issue

- Rajan Karki, Chief Editor, The Gorkha Express Weekly, Nepal

TQ1: Where is the country’s politics heading for? Have you any idea?
Rajan Karki: The parties have become the savior of impunity, and a safe haven for criminals and terrorists. The nation which purifies the anti social and undemocratic forces, such a nation is bound to become a Jungle regime. The sovereign people have the right to pounce upon the anti-people elements but this sovereign right of the people have gone into the hands of the four party syndicate as if it were their private properties  
TQ2: Even after the formation of the new government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi, the general population doesn’t appear that much pleased? Why so?
Rajan Karki: If the political parties have divided the nation on ethnic, language and religious lines then concurrently the State organs have become lethargic due to over politicization. So how the people could become happy when this hapless and helpless government has just come about as if it were the workers of the four party consortiums? It has been more than twenty four days of the Regmi government in office yet he has not made any address to the nation. The government which remains answerable to only four parties how can the people become happy? Instead, the people appear to be in a mood to
erupt like a volcano anytime soon being tired of the ones who have become the synonymous of mal-governance. 
TQ3: A section of intellectuals say that this government was formed trampling the basic fundamentals of constitutionalism and separation of power theory in a democratic system. What say you Mr. Karki? Is the protest just for the sake of protest or what else then?
Rajan Karki: It is just like setting ablaze the democratic system if you hand over all the State organs into the hands of one single individual. It is an act that tarnishes the very image of a democratic system. The four parties have made the notion of constitutionalism and separation of power theory a mere drama by elevating Justice Regmi as a clown. Question thus is why the Chief Justice with his post remaining intact could assume the post of the country’s Prime Minister? Ignoring all these constitutional aspects the government has been formed thus one could suspect as to whether it is the grand design of the Maoists’ tactical equilibrium in order to dismantle the vital organs of the State, for example, the judiciary, parliament, and the executive at a single stretch? Do they want to shoot all these state organs by putting the guns in the shoulders of Justice Regmi? Many people suspect to what I have stated.
TQ4: It is being widely believed that Chief Justice is the choice of some developed countries in the West, for example, the US, the European Union, India and Japan. Why these countries may have selected Justice Mr. Regmi? Any substantial political reason?
Rajan Karki: Yes! Mr. Regmi may not only be the choice of mere four parties, he may have been the preferred one of the foreigners as well. But Justice Regmi is not the preference or say the choice of the people. Today’s Nepal situation resembles that of Rwanda of 2009. Any time, anything untoward could happen here. If Canada has closed down its assistance to Nepal then the World Bank looks after Nepal from being stationed in Dhaka. The major parties decided to handover the political decisions that were to be made by them to the foreign elements. The foreign players wish to weaken Nepal politically, diplomatically and also administratively in order to get their prime interests fulfilled. They just want to make Nepal as their fortress. Our parties now have begun believing not in Nepalism but alienisms. Justice Regmi’s elevation is just a representative symbol of it all.
TQ5: Khil Raj Regmi is both the Chief of the Executive and the Chief Justice. Both posts he has. Will not it be nice if Justice Regmi resigns from one post as per the wishes of the people? How you take it?
Rajan Karki: Such exclusive right was reposed on Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai in 1990-91. He was a statesman and he served the nation as per the rights bestowed on him by the nation in a magnificent manner. Regmi is just a bureaucrat and thus he is being held suspect. Regmi doesn’t want to be observed in a single role. There is the danger lurking that Justice Regmi may turn an anarchist and may impose authoritarian rule. Fear is that how the domestic and the foreign players force him to play against the national interests. May people now suspect his credentials?
TQ6: A section of the NC and the UML claim that elections can’t be held if Justice Regmi continues in both the posts? So will the election be held?
Rajan Karki: The daughter-in-law (Buhari) who doesn’t know how to dance makes several excuses. Justice Regmi has double character and that it has already been more than four weeks he is yet to talk with the dissenting parties who have been opposing the election. Black flags are being raised and the effigies of the Chief Justice are being burnt and the process of Nepal closure has become routine affair. Nobody will believe the conduct of the poll when the nation is about to fall from a cliff (Krishna Bhir). The government head is not only with a communal mindset but also an irresponsible person who enjoys the Fagu (color festival) together with his Palpali brethren and has also encouraged communalism while making key appointments. And he is the one who prefers to enjoy visiting foreign countries at this critical time back home. We can say that Regmi’s relevance has already come to an end because he lacks the capability in handling the State of affairs of this battered nation. He lacks the spirit.
TQ7: Very recently the US Ambassador Peter W. Bodde appealed the Nepali population to embrace polls which he said much ahead of what should have come from Justice Regmi. Could some inner connection be made between the two?
Rajan Karki: Mind it that diplomats from the Super powers remain guided by their own national policies.  The courage taken to convince the Nepalese is much similar to slapping up the entire Nepalese population. The excitement and the suggestions made by the foreign powers on matters where we have not demanded their suggestions indicates that how much they have been influencing us and also makes it clear as to how fast we are becoming like a parasite. This is a dangerous signal. Justice Regmi stands like a statue, however, the Ambassadorial activities of various countries have suddenly increased. We have been shrinking our own political stamina and acumen.
TQ8: President Jimmy Carter suggested the Nepal government to ease some restrictions imposed on Tibetan refugees. Has Carter made such a statement in order to tease China? What could be his political interests in saying so Mr. Karki?
Rajan Karki: The fact is that when incompetent leaders take the support of the foreigners, it is obvious that the US, India, EU and the Scandinavian countries should wish to make Nepal a country prone to violence and a strategic location. Not only is the playground of the regional forces but also our country becoming the strategic center of the World power midpoint. In order to tease China from Nepali soil, several tricks are being played right in our landmass.  The US never compromises with its core interests. Under the cover of election observation, the Carter center, an illegal INGO in Nepal, all that this center wants is to target Nepal-China relations and raise the issue of free Tibet movement. The blind leaders do not see to these nationalist aspects. President Jimmy carter raised the issue of Tibet. And Justice Regmi remained as a mere spectators who could not utter even a single word.  This exposed his surface in many more ways than one.
TQ9: Foreign maneuvering has increased. This is being said by some including Nepali Congress leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala? But so far we have failed in noticing such foreign plays? Has it increased as per the rumors? Have you noticed such a play?
Rajan Karki: To recall, Dr. Koirala was the priest of Chairman Prachanda, the representative of late Girija Prasad Koirala and a trusted partner of the Delhi regime at time of the 2005-6 movement. Dr. Koirala is the one who under the influence of New Delhi even rejected the theories of late BP Koirala and he is also the one who encouraged GP Koirala to become the President of Nepal. How can Dr. Koirala claim that foreign play has increased in Nepal of late because he is the one who has damaged the credentials of the Nepali Congress and the net result of which has been that the NC neither is here nor there? Has Dr. Koirala forgotten as to how all of a sudden his own party on March 14, 2013, took a surprising decision overnight which made Justice Regmi the Chief of the Executive?
TQ10: It is talked that if Justice Regmi fails to conduct the poll on time then the consequences could be a disastrous one? What do all these mean? Is it an indication of the approaching bloodshed once again or a fierce civil war?
Rajan Karki: Give it any name. The fact is that the Jungle Raj-regime- is very much similar to a situation where there is the absence of rule of law and the presence of a leader-cracy which has no responsibility towards the Nation. Several issues confront the nation as of now for conducting the poll. The leaders and the Head of government possess no moral propensity to address these challenges that confront the nation today. So the situation may become anarchic which is only but natural. Regmi government is just a symbolic representation of the summary failure of the four parties. Justice Regmi is nothing more than a flower bouquet placed inside a plastic vase. It is futile to expect fresh and pure water from a polluted water source. One can’t rule out the likelihood of fresh violence and bloodshed.
TQ11: So then how to take the movement of 2005-6? Was it a good one or bogus?
Rajan Karki: People supported movement must have a positive end. The movement was the mixture of power of the People’s War, foreign assistance and a mindset of taking revenge with the prevailing monarchy. This was perhaps the chemistry of the movement.  The movement did bring change; however, the people could not get the expected results. They were denied. The adhesive chemical that had glued the then agitating parties lost its chemical effect and thus such a situation changed even the structure of the agitating forces. Democracy went in to the hands of monkeys. Or it became a cocoanut in the hands of a monkey. The result thus landed with no positive gains for the people. The movement that was taken as a Historic one now has become an issue for repentance.
TQ12: RPP-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa in a determined manner claims that he will restore the now sidelined monarchy. How to believe his claims? Is it still possible? What say you Mr. Karki?
Rajan Karki: All that Kamal Thapa has said that Constitutional monarchy and democracy should go together. He demands referendum in settling the issues of Republican order, federalism and secularism. People appear to have endorsed Thaps’s views to a greater extent. What percentage of people’s mandate the institution of monarchy was sidelined and similarly how the nation was declared a secular one? Mind it that these issues were floated by Krishna Prasad Sitaula who was an election defeated candidate to which the then CA members clapped. The CA body which clapped then remains no more in this material world thus those issues have now become more than relevant. The then King if comes out from Nirmal Nivas, then the political parties which have now embraced party less system will automatically land in the 1990 constitution. The symptoms of all these have become evident as and when the sidelined King makes religious trips here and there across the country. Politics and rivers never go straight. In politics, neither you have a permanent enemy nor a lasting friendship. Nothing is impossible in politics.  The people have begun asking as to whether one King is good comparatively than having several politically affiliated and corrupt Kings?
TQ13: Being a senior journalist, how you take the prevailing situation of Nepali journalism, financial conditions included. It is talked that some perversions too have entered into the domain of Nepali media. What is it eventually?
Rajan Karki: Nepali media is moving ahead enjoying foreign blessing and is developing by being in the grip of media mafia. It is like what could be taken as ‘pamphlet journalism’. Indeed the people have become aware yet environment is still not that much favorable for practicing independent journalism. The small newspapers are facing serious problems. There is the talk that next year some sort of Press Year is being celebrated. Let’s hope that this Press year will clean the present day ugly trends seen in the media domain.
TQ14: So you must have self satisfaction being in the media domain for several decades. It is also believed that nation’s press and democracy rise and fall together. Do you subscribe to these views? Or reject this notion?
Rajan Karki: Though the media has been voicing concerns as regards the increasing violence and gender discrimination yet unfortunately there is the discrimination inside the media sector itself. Yet one should have satisfaction over whatever is with the media and should contribute for the well being of the Nepali society. 
In the absence of nationalism, media and democracy while going together, what is being observed in the process is that the aspect of nationalism is being ignored? If nationalism is in a wakened state then where to keep the media and nation’s democracy? This is a burning question now confronting us all. For example, there is media in Sikkim, There is awareness in Sikkim with a democratic system remaining intact. But unfortunately, the independent Sikkim prior to what it was in 1975, doesn’t exist at the moment.
* Exclusive for telegraphnepal.com, Published in The Telegraph Weekly, April 10, 2013.

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