अमेरिका र नेपालमा पनि केही गरौं भन्ने अभिप्रायले समाजसेबामा होमिने निधो

अब पुरै परिवार मिलेर दश करोड भन्दा माथिको एउटा समाज सेवाको परियोजना छिट्टै नेपाल मा शुरु हुँदैछ भने अमेरिकामा वार्षिक तीन लाख रुपैयाको छात्रब्रिती शुरु भैसकेको छ !
सत्र बर्षको उमेरमा अमेरिका तिर हानिएका र हाल अमेरिकामा ब्यबसायीको रुपमा पूर्ण रुपमा स्थापित राजिब मैनाली उनका दुई भाईहरु रोशन, रविन र अर्धांगिनी सुनन्दा, दुई बुहारीहरु सपना, माइली समाजसेबा तर्फ होमिएका छन । यो देखेर उनिहरुका बुवा बिनोद र आमा साबित्री मैनालीको छाती गर्बिलो बनेर आउंछ र दुबै जनाले छोरा बुहारीहरुको अभियान लाई साथ दिँदै अब अमेरिकामा र नेपाल मा पनि केही गरौं भन्ने अभिप्रायले समाजसेबामा होमिने निधो गरिसकेका छन । बुवा आमाको अठोट देखेर छोरा बुहारी हरु पनि दँग । अब पुरै परिवार मिलेर दश करोड भन्दा माथिको एउटा समाज सेवाको परियोजना छिट्टै नेपाल मा शुरु हुँदैछ भने अमेरिकामा वार्षिक तीन लाख रुपैयाको छात्रब्रिती शुरु भैसकेको छ । यसै समाजसेवाको सेरोफेरोमा रहेर नेपाल मदर डट कमका लागि प्रधान सम्पादक राम प्रसाद खनालले राजिब मैनाली, बिनोद मैनाली, साबित्री मैनाली सँग गरेको समाजसेबी भलाकुसारी ।

Our 6 decades long journey from Kavrepalanchowk to USA has been full of experiences, jubilations, and sorrows. I vividly remember how my
father Yangya Prasad Mainali and other village seniors donated time, labor, and money to establish the first elementary school in my birth village many decades ago. The passionate philanthropy shown by the villagers with limited means who never had a chance to read or write has forever left a mark upon us and has served as a guiding principle in life. I received my early education in that school. We moved on from village to Kathmandu in search of higher education and opportunities. The journey of our family from Kavre to Kathmandu and then onwards to USA would not have been possible without the early foundation in that village school.

Things have changed immensely since then. Nepalese now travel all over the world in their quest of higher education and economic opportunities. We have witnessed this first hand within our own family as our own children pursued education abroad. This personal experience has created an emotional bond with students from Nepal pursuing education in USA. There are unique challenges of getting education in USA. The cost of education is astronomical and the constant tug-of-war between work and education is clearly not for the faint hearted. We would like to partner with deserving Nepalese students who have burning passion and determination in their chase of the American dream.

In collaboration with highly reputable organization ANS(oldest Nepali organization in USA), we would like to offer partial tuition assistance program. While our financial help will not be enough for the entire cost, we will feel satisfied that we have been of some help in this difficult endeavor of our fellow Nepalese students.

Good luck.

Binod and Sabitri Mainali.

American Nepalese Society(ANS) along with Rajeeb/Sunanda Mainali, Dr. Roshan/Sapana Mainali, and Robin/Maile Mainali are proud to announce the ANS-Binod&Sabitri Mainali Scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to Binod and Sabitri Mainali for their lifelong dedication to their family and community. This scholarship is open to High School seniors of Nepalese origins who are residents of Virginia, Maryland, or District of Columbia. 

Mission Statement 

The purpose of this scholarship is to embolden High School seniors of Nepalese origin who excel academically, show leadership among peers, and make a positive impact within Nepalese community.


  • Deadline:    April 3rd 
  • Award(s):    $2000 and $1000 for runner up 
  • Renewable: Non-renewable 

REQUIREMENTS (Must meet ALL Criteria) 

  •  Class Year:    High School Senior 
  •  Residency:     Resident of Virginia, Maryland or District of Columbia 
  •  Origin:           Nepalese Origin 
  •  Grade:          Minimum unweighted CGPA of 3.0 
  •  Enrollment:    Plan to enroll as a 1st year college student in an accredited college/university 

Winners are chosen by a selection committee made up of five members. The decision is based on the submitted application, recommendation letter, and essay. 

ANS – Binod & Sabitri Mainali Scholarship 
13202 Sapphire Ridge Place
Bristow, VA, 20136

For more information and to complete the application, please visit www.ANS-MainaliFund.org 

Questions or inquiries? Contact by phone: 703.980.2097 or email ansmainalifund@gmail.com

To fill out an application online, please click here.

ANS – Binod & Sabitri Mainali Scholarship Application Form
                    (Application Deadline is April 3rd) 

First Name:                   _____________________________

Last Name:                    _____________________________

Gender:                         _____________________________

Parent/Guardian's:          _____________________________ 


Mailing Address:             _____________________________ 


Email Address:               _____________________________ 

High School:                   _____________________________ 

County,State:                  _____________________________

Grade:                            _____________________________ 

Unweighted CGPA:          _____________________________ 

Extra-curricular Activities: _____________________________


Additional documents that needs to be mailed to: 

Ans-Binod & Sabitri Mainali Scholarship 
13202 Sapphire Ridge Place
Bristow, VA, 20136 

1. High School Transcript
2. (1) Teacher Recommendation 
3. Single page, double spaced, essay topic: 
    Choose (1) topic from the list below:
    a. “What does it mean to be called a Nepalese American?” 
    b. “Describe the leadership qualities that you possess.” 
    c. “Describe why you deserve to win this scholarship.”

for more detail click this link

मैनाली परिवार र आफन्तजनका केही झलक हरु फोटोमा : 

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