Happy New Year 2021

- By Sunita Sharma Koirala

Christmas is gone and new year is arround the corner . Everybody is welcoming the new year with a new hope , much joy and enormous blessings. 

As we all know that this year Christmas and  New Year is not like last year Christmas and holidays seasons. Because of the Covid19 pandemic, we all got suffered and got a much pain. Most of the People arround world lost their loved ones, relatives, best friends and colleagues . We all got stocked in to our home , no family reunion, no friends visiting no party  gathering and not much fun and celebration at all.

As we all knows that whoever did not follow the WHO guidelines and did not feel the sense of responsibility over people ended up with the piles of dead bodies . Unfortunately, Some of the people who were strictly followed the guidelines also got seriously suffered by the Covid19 spreaders and some of them died too. 

Some of the frontline workers who took the serious precautions also got infected , suffered and sacrificed their lives for the nations. As we have been seeing those hospital workers have always been fighting for

the Covid19 patients heath as well as their death during the treatment. Have you guys ever think about that since more that one year those hospital workers are in the big trauma . Seriously , they are accepting the big challenges everyday , some of them got sick and tired , got suicidal thought and ended up their lives by getting suicide also , what a disaster ?

Everyday , through the media , US Politicians and Hospital workers are urging people to follow the strict Rules , WHO guidelines and asking people for the help to make the hospital workers safe  . Unfortunately, majority of the people are ignoring the rules by doing negligence and being more careless and doing whatever as if civid19 not gonna catch them badly . 

I have gone through some study that some of the people who lost their loved ones are totally aggressive against the  behaviors of the careless people who are not listening to the government and not even wearing the masks in a public places and giving hard time for the mass people . 

In fact ,more that three millions forty-two,  thousands people have been died  already because of the Covid19 in the USA and majority of the People are still not taking it  seriously and doing whatever they want by breaking the guidelines   . People are still not maintaining the social distances, not wearing the masks in the public places and not following the WHO guidelines  . 

As we all are in the holidays seasons and People are still organizing family gatherings , Christmas party and new year celebrations with in their families and even with in the Communities as a consequences, just because of somebody’s irresponsibility covid19 has being spreading to everybody in the community which is really becoming a great challenge for the nation . 

Literally, Heath care professionals are always disclosing the facts that everyday people are dying  like a flies in the hospitals  , they do not have the enough resources, not enough care , hospital beds and ventilators . Peoples ceaselessness and negligence are in extreme phase , these super spreaders are giving very hard times to the hospital workers so that they are in a deep pain but these people do not understand and do not pay attention to it . They do not listen and do not care about them and the others in the society .

A news just broke out today Möring mentioning that a Covid19 vaccinated Doctor got seriously caught by Covid19 with the symptoms , that means heath care professionals who already vaccinated Ist dose  are still not in the safe zone. We all have a great hope for the civid19 vaccines but what happened if all those hope turned in to the depression with in a second ? So scary right ? 

Well , forget about all negatives thoughts and let’s focus on the positivity  because we all are eagerly waiting for the positive outcomes . Vaccines has been lunched already unfortunately majority of the hospital ‘s patients are not accessing the vaccines as a consequence  they are still suffering from the pain and even dying like a flies . 

On top of that a new kind of UK related virus has been entered in to the USA zone and has been confirmed in the state of Colorado and that patients is in Isolation now.   Could you Imaging what happened if this kinds of viruses also multiply the numbers like Covid19 ? 

Last but not the least, US Government has been trying their best to bring up the solutions ASAP that’s why the government has been lunched and Implemented  the Pfizer’s and Merdona  Covid19 Emergency Vaccines in the USA.  unfortunately , these vaccines are still not access to the Covid19 patients who are fighting for the death on the hospitals bed as a consequences over three thousands Americans are dying everyday in the hospital which is really heartbreaking situation for the nation now . 

As declared by US government the first round of Covid19 vaccines has been administrated and distributed for the Front line heath care  workers so that they are prioritizing the vaccines for them and those hospitals patients are not on the lists yet so patients are still dying like a flies , what an unfortunate situation right ? 

 People got frustrated, got  sick and tired with the stay home and limited outgoing environment. Everybody are dreaming to go out in the fresh air and are in a hurry to meet their loved ones out there. All people are so excited to visit the new place with their  relatives and love ones in the Christmas and New Year time by freely hugging and kissing atmosphere. Unfortunately, their all wishes has being restricted by the Covid19 viruses, what a stressful ! 

Whatever happening now , we all have to tolerate them    , we all must tolerate them until we reach to the  safe side . Let’s hope, Covid19 vaccines second dose will bring the best outcomes for everybody . We all do not want to  hear back the negative thoughts and reactions again and again  over the dose of the vaccinated hospitals workers . 

Let’s hope positive  , this year will end this Covid19 pandemic and new year 2021 will turns out to be the best year of our lives and bring happiness and prosperity with in our families . 

Therefore , I would like to wish  a very happy and prosperous new year to everybody that comes up with full of blessings and filled up with a new hope , much joy, great fun and happiness with a peace, love, and prosperity . Sending my heartiest new year wishes for all of my family members, relatives , friends and people arround the world . 

Happy  brand new year 2021 everybody, take a precaution, follow the guidelines , stay safe , and have a blessed year 2021👍! 

नेपाल बाहिर नेपालीहरुको सामुहिक आवाज


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