Let’s know more about the Covid19 Vaccine

- By Sunita Sharma Koirala

 The article is based on the  Webinar organized by GP Koirala foundation, America in presence with NYC Department ofhealth and (MOIA ) Team . The discussion was based on the Covid19 vaccines facts and information that has been provided by the NYC department of health and MOIA . The discussion was majorly focused on the following topics .  

1 . Why do you need covid19 Vaccines ?  

As we all know that we are in the second wave of Covid19 and Covid19 is in peak condition. According to a news source , on Thursday there were 4,038  Covid19 deaths had bee reported  in a single day and the number of Covid19 confirmed cases is also in a peak label . We all want to bring it down and to stop spread so we all need to get this vaccine .  

2.What kinds of Covid19 vaccines are available and is it safe to take it ? 

Currently , Dept of health-FDA have approved Two kinds of vaccines Pfizer and Moderna for emergency

use and they both are safe , effective and are in practice. Everyone  can take the vaccines except children under age of 16 cannot take the vaccines .Similarly, a person with some disease must consult with the doctors before taking the vaccines.  

3.Is it mandatory to take a second dose of vaccines?  

Yes, once youtake  the first dose of Pfizer after 21 days you must take the second dose of the same vaccines . Similarly ,  If you took the First dose of Moderna  vaccine , 28 days later you must take a second  dose of vaccines unfortunately you cannot mix it up with one vaccine to another.  

4. When will vaccines be available to everyone in New York? 

Vaccines will be available to everyone until June. Once the vaccines will be ready for all New Yorkers ,the Department of Health will notify all the New Yorkers by mail , texts , notice and other media sources.  

5.How is  NYC planning to distribute the Covid19 vaccine ? How will the vaccines be  distributed? 

We have limited availability of Vaccines and the Department of Health is planning to distribute the vaccines on the priority basis and have set the guidelines and recommendations for it. It will takealmost 90 days to receive those vaccines. Covind19 vaccines will be provided dividing on different phases. On the first phase vaccines will be provided to Healthcare professionals and most of them have already been vaccinated. On the second phase, Dept of heathhave been planning  to provide care for the all front-line emergency workers , medical professionals, Nursing home care givers and This week they are in the ground to deliver this vaccine to all community members . Once they all received the vaccines , NYC Dept of heath will provide these vaccines to all healthcare providers then hospital facilities will order those vaccines to each and every patient including all patients who are battling with the Covid19 and other kinds of illnesses . 

6.WhyVaccines have been developed so quickly ? 

Vaccines have been developed so quickly because we want to reduce the burden in our community. We all want to save our community so scientists have  expedited the researchand  launched the vaccines so quickly for an emergency purpose.Moreover, mRNA (Messenger RNA)has researched  vaccines for almost 10years and we have all strong evidence and scientists and healthcare professionals have been working for a month for EUA ( Emergency UseAuthorization). It’s not a new technology however it is a new technology for us   because we still do not know more about it , we still need to do a lot and lots of Practice however both of the Vaccines are showing goodresults so far .  

7.What is the difference betweenTwo  vaccines? Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe and similar. Both need two doses of vaccines in order to give protection. When they tested Pfizer, vaccines have been showing  95 % good outcomes and Moderns has  been showing 94% good results which is good because  Pfizer is 9 out of 10 have been showing  good outcomes and Moderna  has been showing  9.4 out of 10 people which is wonderful.  

8.Does Covid19 vaccine give reactions ? 

After taking Covid19 vaccines some  people might get 1-3 days mild reactions but that is normal because during that period vaccines are developing the protections. If you get severe reactions please consult with the doctor .   

9. Are these vaccines safe? 

Vaccines are the part of thesolutions but not the 100% solutions. We are very confident about the vaccines and we have strong evidence that these both vaccines are safe.However , we still do not know it is effective till one year or more . We still need to wait and see the results . We still do not know about when it will end up the pandemic but we have tried our best for the betterment and itis safe .  

10.Who cannot take the Covid19 vaccines ? 

Children  under 16 cannot take the vaccines because we have not tested those vaccines on Children because we cannot  do clinical trials on Children directly and we do not know the results . Similarly, people who are having some kinds of diseases need to consult with the doctors before taking the vaccines.  

11.Where can you get vaccines in NYC? 

NYC has 12 hospitals in total ,these hospitals will provide vaccines to all New Yorkers. NYC hospitals will take  care of anybody regardless of any Immigration status . If you do not have anID , Insurance or even legal status , please go to the website NYC.gov and enroll on this program or call on NYC hotline -311 for help . If you have totest the Covid19 , please visit the website NYC.gov/ COVIDtest or call 311. Ifyou need help for Isolation call 311.  All New Yorkers are stilleligible to take the vaccines. All New Yorkers can get vaccines inthe  nearby local clinics and hospitals Soon.  

12.Any research study about a new strain of virus ? 

We have noticed a newstrain of variant has been entered in New York City  and some media sources have been saying that the strain is 70% more transmissible than Covid19- but still we do not have more facts and research about it. We will-need to ask the professionals then after only they can answer.  

13.After taking the vaccines do we-still need to follow the guidelines ?  

We all are looking forward to dealing withour community in a better way and we all must help each other to protect us and stop spread Even after the vaccination we still need to follow the guidelines. We must stay  home , must continue wearing masks , usehand sanitizers and maintain physical distance because we all do not know when Covid19 will be last therefore we must help each other to stop transmission . Last but not the least , if you get sick please stay home , If you get symptoms please take a test . Covid19 tests are free up to the cost available in every location. We cannot tell what is going to happen tomorrow however we are very confident about the vaccines that it is safe to take .  

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