अज्ञात समुहको गोली प्रहारवाट दुई जनाको मृत्यू
रुकुमको पूर्वी महत गाविस—२ दोमैमा बुधवार राति अज्ञात समुहको गोली प्रहारवाट दुई जनाको मृत्यू भएको छ । गोली प्रहारवाट महत २ दोमै बस्ने ६४ वर्षीय पुर्णवहादुर बि.क. र सोही गाविस वडा न. ८ कोर्जा निवासी ४५ वर्षीय  नारायण बुढाको मृत्यु भएको हो । अज्ञात समुहले गोली प्रहार गरी अर्का एक २३ बर्षीय शेरजंग वि.क.गम्भीर छन् । घाइते विक पुर्णबहादुरका छोरा हुन् । ८/१० जनाको संख्यामा आएको नकावधारी लुटेराको अज्ञात समुहले पुर्णवहादुर विकको घरमा बसिरहेको बेला अचानक अन्धा–धुन्धा गोली प्रहार गरेको.....
प्रत्यक्षदर्शीले वताए । गोली लागेपछि पुर्णवहादुर विकको घटना स्थलमै र नारायण बुढाको उपचारका लागि जिल्ला अस्पतल सल्ले ल्याउँदै गर्दा सिमलबोट भन्ने ठाउँमा मृत्यु भएको ईलाका प्रहरी कार्यालय रुकुमकोटका प्रहरी निरीक्षक राजकुमार थापाले जानकारी दिए । थापाका अनुसार घटना राती ९ बजेतिर भएको थियो । लुटेराको समुहले मृतक विक र थापाको साथबाट नगद र जिन्सी लुटेर लिएको भए पनि लुटिएको धनसम्पतिको एकिन विवरण भने आउन वाँकी छ । दुवै मृतक र घाईते जडीबुटी, फेन्सी र किराना ब्यापार गर्दै आएको इलाका प्रहरी कार्यालय रुकुमकोटले जनाएको छ । लुटेराहरुको खोजी भइरहेको प्रहरीले जनाएको छ ।

Joint Press Release on the Occasion of the Shameful Murder of Hindu Youth Chief Mr. Kashi Nath Tiwari

All global Hindus and Nepali nationalists condemn the heinous murder of Hindu Youth Chief Mr. Kashi Nath Tiwari.  Mr. Tiwari was brutally murdered by still-unknown assailants at Ashok Vatika where he was engaged in the construction of a senior living center.  All of Nepal mourns the loss of this courageous and decent man, and the public media are filled with widespread expressions of shock, revulsion, and grief at this despicable and cowardly act of murder.  The loss of a good father, husband, son and patriot such as Mr. Tiwari is a grievous loss to the nation as a whole. 

Recently, Maoists had announced an indefinite closure of the nation. Common citizens were dying of hunger and all the institutions were forced to close.  At that time, brave Mr. Tiwari opposed the closure, mobilized his cadres and the public to actively disobey the closure. With the precedent of bravery set by him, common people openly defied the closure forcing the Maoists to withdraw the imposed closure.  With his heroic retaliation against the Maoists, Maoists lost and life came back to normalcy.

However, the personal life of Mr. Tiwari was threatened.  After the Maoists' loss, they issued a death warning against him.  The security forces in Nepal, who are in absolute control of the puppet government and Maoists, refused to provide him security. Within a few weeks of the threat, Mr. Tiwari was shot dead.

We condemn the present Home Minister, Prime Minister, Cabinet and the 601 Constitution Assembly members for not being able to provide basic security to common citizens. Presently, the national affairs has been hijacked by a cabal of corrupt political leaders and parties who purport to act in the name of people's freedom, democracy, republicanism and secularism.  The immoral, decadent and divisive actions of a few people are destroying Nepali people's sense of unity and national harmony. Millions of Nepalese are suffering silently the breakdown of social harmony, the lack of security, the failure of basic government services, the gratuitous destruction of our economic and educational infrastructures.

Many criminals have been captured in the past but because of the excessive prevailing political corruption, they were set free.  As such, we will continue to monitor this case until the assailants are brought to justice. We do also ask the judiciary and the district administration to conduct the trial expeditiously.

We offer our sincere condolence to the grieving family, and to all those who knew and loved Mr. Tiwari personally.  We have full solidarity with the Hindu Rastriya Yuva Sangha [HRYS], which took such a commendably courageous stand against last month’s despotic attempt by the UCPN-Maoist to seize the state. The world will not forget that Kashi Nath Tiwari was a noble, patriotic son of Nepal who fought for justice, freedom and the common people.  A 'Kashi Nath Yuva Group' should also be formed under the 'HTYS' as a model. Let a Shaheed breed many more. He was a national treasure and the nation is proud that a Shaheed like him was born in the land of Nepal.  We can only hope that the memory of Kashi Nath’s life and martyrdom will inspire all the young sons and daughters of Nepal who truly love their country to emulate his selfless example of patriotic nationalism. 

Jai Dharma!

Issued Jointly By:

United Nationalist Nepalese
Indian American Intellectuals Forum
World Hindu Federation
The Hindu
Rastravadi Gorkha Dal
Foundation of Nepalese in America
Coalition of Nepali Nationalist Organizations
Nepali Nationalist Organization

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