Embassy of Nepal Washington D.C, US

Press Release/News about Caucus
- By Ambassador Dr. Shankar P Sharma
US Congress launched the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Nepal, Co-chaired by Republican Congressman Ander Crenshaw (Florida) and Democratic Congressman Jared Polis (Colorado). This is the first Caucus formed on Nepal in the US Congress, ever. Nepal Embassy was instrumental in mobilizing highest level American politicians to establish the Caucus in the United States Congress. In this regard, the Nepalese Embassy had also held interactions and consultations with the prominent members of the Nepalese community, academia, students, heads of various Nepalese community organizations, media representatives, and other stakeholders based in the United States and sought their views and suggestions for building the Caucus.The Congressional caucus is a group of congress members who share common interests and goals on Nepal. The members of the caucus are supposed to meet as and when necessary to discuss issues of interest and to direct actions which will help strengthen the relations between USA and Nepal. The caucus could
provide an extraordinary opportunity in building a new platform in promoting and strengthening relations between the United States, the world’s oldest democracy and Nepal, the country trying to institutionalize and strengthen democracy and advocating the interests of the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis living in America. 
Congressman Ander Crenshaw, a senior Republican congressman who in his sixth term in the House is a member, among others, of the House Appropriation committee and the Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs. Appropriation Committee is in charge of setting specific expenditures of resources by the United States Government and is considered as one of the most powerful of the Committees. Congressman Jared Polis was elected member of the U.S. Congress in November 2008, and is a member of the House Rules Committee and House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.
The Congress of the United States plays a crucial role in the implementation of foreign policy and allocation of aid mainly for two reasons. First, only the Congress can enact law. President has to present policy in the congress as a bill and they have to be adopted into law by the Congress. Then only the policies are institutionalized and implemented. Second, the Congress has the power of the purse. It is responsible for allocating funds to government programs and institutions. 
US plays a vital role in the economy of Nepal. United States is the second top export destination of Nepal. The country also occupies the second position in foreign direct investments and total tourists arrivals in Nepal.  United States’ economic assistance is significant and increasing. US is also trying to facilitate peace, democracy and prosperity in Nepal.
The population of Nepali origin is increasing in the United States. Their contribution to the United States is greater than ever but they are also facing challenges in the country. American citizens of Nepalese origin who are also member of the NRN-USA are urged to consult their respective congressmen to encourage them to join as a member in the newly formed Nepal Caucus.
The Congressional Nepal Caucus is expected to be helpful in fortifying Nepal’s new democracy and improving peace and sustainable development in the country, strengthening socio-economic and political relations between the two countries,  cooperating to tackle global and regional problems, which are of the interests of both Nepal and the United States,  and  empowering the growing Nepalese American Diaspora community in the United States to work towards improving relationship between Nepal and the United States through Nepalese-American representation in Congress.
 Embassy of Nepal
Washington D.C.
February 28, 2011

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