अमेरिका स्थित पशुपती बुद्ध मन्दिर (नेपाल एजुकेस्नल एण्ड कल्चर सेन्टर) को बार्सिकोत्सब कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

अन्तराष्ट्रिय कलाकार मँचको टिमद्वारा  बिशेष भजन क्रीतन प्रस्तुत  

- प्रभु थापाबाट
कार्यक्रम अमेरिकाका लागि नेपाली राजदुत डा. शंकर शर्मा को प्रमुख आतिथ्यमा, खिलेन्द्र न्यौपाने र नेत्र घिसिङ्को सँचालनमा सम्पन्न भएको थियो । जहाँ अध्यक्ष्य डा. महेन्द्र कार्की, सीपीए हरि शर्माले पनि बोल्नुभएको थियो। कार्यक्रम शुरु हुनु अघि एन इ सि सि को बैठक बसेको थियो भने कार्यक्रमको मुख्य
आकर्सण भनेको भजन थियो । अन्तराष्ट्रिय कलाकार मँचका केन्द्रिय अध्यक्ष रामप्रसाद खनाल, मँचकै वाशिङटन डिसी म्याट्रो च्याप्टरका अध्यक्ष मुरारी नराल, कोसाध्यक्ष शुशिल श्रेष्ठले भजनहरु गाउनुभएको थियो भने महासचिब राजन अधिकारीले तबलामा जोडदार साथ दिनुभएको थियो। यो टिमको भजन, तबला एबम समग्र प्रस्तुतिको उपस्थित सबैले मुक्त कण्ठले प्रशँसा गरे । कार्यक्रममा नेपाल परम्परागत बुद्ध धर्म संघ म्यारील्याण्डको समुहले पनि आकर्शक ड्रेस मा नेवारी भाषामा भजन प्रस्तुत गरेको थियो । कार्यक्रममा मन्दिर लाई सहयोग पुर्याउने महानुभाबहरुलाई प्रशँसा पत्र राजदुत शर्माले गर्नुभएको थियो । प्रसाद नारायण थापा र बिना थापाले सौजन्य गर्नुभएको थियो ।

Press Release
NECC anniversary celebration and meeting minutes

Appreciation and Speeches: NECC 11th anniversary chief guest ambassador Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma awarded the certificates and commitment letters to all the 23 lenders who lend loan to the NECC two years ago. Dr. Sharma presented especial award with Phulmala to Dr. Shyam/Indira Karki and Chetnath Bhandari/Loknath Tiwari (Ghar-E-Kabab) for their donation of $10,000 each that was converted from the loan through NECC Promissory Note. Mr. Ambassador thanked and appreciated to NECC for such outstanding work to preserve Nepali culture in America. He added that NECC is the best project especially for the future generation and all the community member need to support for its grand success.  

Money Count: $1,073.00 from the donation box, $2,518.00 from the puja Services, $865.00 at the anniversary event, and total of $ 4,456.00 cash and checks were collected for the deposit. NECC would like to thank to all the donors and devotees.                                 

Current Financial Status of NECC: Treasurer Netra Ghising presented the current financial balance of $11,363.63 (including as of the anniversary day). The statement will be posted on the website www.neccusa.org for the community.

Promissory Note: NECC Auditor General Hari K. Sharma presented statement for the current loan amount of $185,000.00.

Permission from county for Beallsville property: Board of Director’s chair Krishna Nirola informed to the meeting that contractor/engineer will submit the paperwork to the county on Monday, September 26, 2011. Meeting had decided that Mr. Lok Tiwari will follow up the case since Mr. Nirola is planning to visit Nepal for a month.

Sales Contract for Lanham Property: Board of Director’s chair Krishna Nirola is working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Laxman Pradhan and Hari K. Sharma will follow up this case since Mr. Nirola is traveling overseas for a month. 

Kids Meditation Workshop: Meeting discussed about the Bipasana Meditation for kids which was proposed by Lok Tiwari. Meeting agreed to run this event in an appropriate time and selected Mr. Tiwari as an event coordinator.

Bylaws (draft) presentation for it amendment: Vice Chair Prem Sangraula presented the draft bylaws to the meeting for its first amendment. Meeting decided to request NECC legal counsel Mr. Nic Thakur for review. After his revision, it will be posted on the website and sent to the community by public media for their suggestions. The bylaws committee will reconcile the suggestions and present to the meeting by end of November 2011 for its final approval.

NECC Financial Strategy: The meeting discussed regarding three financial strategy proposed by vice chair Prem Sangraula, auditor general Hari K. Sharma, and board of director Dr. Shyam Karki respectively. Meeting agreed to raise the fund, pay off the loans, and release the six individuals’ names from the deed. Those three fund raising approaches are as bellows:
* One time donation $xxxx (TBD) amount of money.
* Sign up for $xx (TBD) direct deposit per month, and
* Lend $xxxxx (TBD) interest free loan for few years.
The meeting decided to provide one time opportunity for all the community members to become founder member of NECC who meets one of these three conditions by (TBD) date. Mr. Sangraula, Mr. Sharma, and Dr. Karki will discuss in detail in this matter and lead this fundraising event with help of all the volunteers of NECC.

Book Sales Amount Donation: Voice Chair Prem Sangraula announced to the meeting that 100% sales amount from his recently published book “Suki-Dhupi” will be donated to the NECC and meeting greatly thanked to Mr. Sangraula for his generous donation announcement for NECC.

Mismatches: Secretary Khilendra Neupane informed to the meeting that when Google “Nepali Mandir” it appears another 703 (area code) number and that does not belong to the Pashupati Buddha Mandir. Also, there are some announcements from different organizers but Lanham address was used and Beallsville’s property’s picture is posted. Meeting was serious for this type of mismatches which makes very confusion to the community. NECC Area Coordinator Ram Prasad Khanal voluntarily came forward to resolve this issue as soon as possible.   

Bhajan/Kritan: On the auspicious occasion of NECC anniversary celebration, well known and popular artist Ram Prasad Khanal, Murari Naral, Sushil Shrestha Rajan Adhikari, and all the artists from Nepal Paramparagat Buddha Dharma Sangha, Maryland performed outstanding bhajan/kritan. NECC thanked them a lot for their great efforts for the NECC Anniversary event. 

Get well Soon: One of the NECC Donors in 2010, Gloria Butland from Washington DC recently went to back surgery and her recuperation is expected to be lengthy and  resting at home. Meeting agreed to send flowers and get well soon card to her and Netra Ghising came forward to take this responsibility. She has donated $1,500.00 to the NECC in June 2010.

Thank you: Meeting thanked to NECC property manager Krishna Prajapati to manage the sound system for the event and fixing water heater at the Lanham property on September. Meeting also thanked to Narayan Thapa from Lumbini Restaurant to serve prasad at the anniversary event. Meeting thanked to all the medias especially Nilu Kharel from Sagarmatha Television. Last not least, sincere thank goes to the all volunteers, donors, and the community members who supported the NECC and make this event successful.

Aarati and conclude: Anniversary celebration was started with its meeting from 2pm and concluded at 7pm with Aarati performed by Pandit Shridhar Gyawali at the Pashupati Buddha Mandir. There were 47 volunteers attended (including ambassador) to the meeting and more than 150 devotees and donors were participated this 11th anniversary celebration event.

Thank you and Happy Dashain 2011!!!

With Regards,
Khilendra Neupane
Secretary of NECC
Lanham, Maryland



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