Why you should not participate at ANA’s Texas Convention?

Dear “ANA” members, community leaders, and well-wishers:
We are dismayed with the lashing winds and driving rains for selfish motif shown by few in the name of Non-Profit Organization, ANA.  In the aftermath of the out-of-court settlement, a court has not determined anything; unfortunately, a few unelected people with issues have created posts to foster dissention and undermine morale of over 4000 members.  However, as paid members and candidates, we have grave concern about those who have been attempting to perpetuate this fraud in the name of a Texas convention:
1.      The interim board does not have power to dissolve the election committee approved by the general assembly which was in existence long before the interim board.
 2.      If the interim board cannot show’s court determination about the election time and any appointment that has been claimed the interim board has been automatically dissolved.  The Election Chair should   take all the responsibility and make consensus among   candidates about the election date and declare election date as
soon as possible.

3.       The interim board’s only goal was to conduct election; it has no moral and ethical ground to make any amendment about the election date without candidates consent.
4.      On what ethical grounds can the Texas convention be called the 30th convention, since ANA has not been in compliance since 2002?
 5. On what moral ground have the private limited ANA been creating another Texas convention as   the 30th Convention, which failed to hold long overdue elections and render the service for which membership fees were collected?
 6. The membership fee should be returned as soon as possible since the Interim board cannot 
      hold election for so long.
              Today, more than ever, our diaspora must address many unanswered questions, such as why the dues were collected using the name of ANA, then non-compliant organization, and in an illegal manner; and why the election date has not been announced yet. All the drama of the convention is a sham. In the long-term, such behavior is counter-productive for the welfare of our people.  Our priority is for a coming together of all groups and the boycotting of a fake convention. We realize that there is a great deal of work that needs to be done, but the strength of our diaspora is that we are a family. We know the things we need to do for future generations.

If the Texas convention is held, our team and members will view it as a mere convention of a private limited company. By any means, ANA, a nonprofit organization, never can practice its activities on a contractual basis.  This can be nothing more than a shameful betrayal of Nepalese interests, and should be denounced by all our members.
  We community leaders support a fair and ethical election process because we are not mercenaries chosen in a nefarious manner just to satisfy the petty interests of a few people. Therefore, all stakeholders conjoined in our efforts to serve the North American Nepalese diaspora, which comprises two third of all candidates led by HB Bhandari   along with other independent candidates. We hereby declare that we support no committee(s) extended in the name of ANA, nor any convention conducted on a contractual basis without a fair election. Thus, all of us pledge to our members that we will bring professional standards of administration to its finances; find new ways to serve the particular interests of the Nepalese community in 21st century America; and, most importantly, unite the different regional chapters together democratically in common cause. It is our firm contention that the so-called 30th ANA Convention is a massive betrayal of the Nepalese diaporas. Elected body would have to take responsibility.

Our Analysis:
These control techniques of unelected interims committee were conceived as the means to achieve the power of dictatorship. But what is sinister to us is the way in which the motif of these hypocrites becomes new ends, in which the most disenfranchised members of society are the most alienated, separated from, and pushed out society building endeavors. Needless to say in a democracy, multiple voices should have space, should be heard, and should be able to participate. But the picture emerging from few people is control-driven, top-down, authoritarian way with alienating exactly those ANA members.  Does ANA contractual profit motif means justify the end?  We side with the many other scholars and leaders who would say, “No—the means determine the end,” similar to a quote attributed to Gandhi: “There is no way to peace—peace is the way.”  Convention for individual profit is not ANA’s future- democratic election is the means.

We all ANA Candidates, therefore, apprised NRN (Non-resident Nepalis), Nepali Embassy in United States and other non- profit organizations not to validate any dictatorship in this land of Law by participating in ANA Dallas convention.

What Next?
Association of Nepalese in America (ANA) is registered in Texas Dallas. We sincerely request DC registered ANA not to conduct any activities in Texas without real Texas registered ANA’s written permission. The organizers will be solely responsible for any damage done to our association and our members with all the activities done without our permission.
Mr. H.B Bhandari, Baltimore, MD
Senior Vice-President
Mr. Dhurba Ghimire, Boston, MA
Mr. Lok Chhantyal, Harrisburg, PA
Mr. Sundar Karmacharya
General Secretary (Lewisville, TX)
Mr. Manmohan Singh Ghimire, New York, NY
Dr. Anup Srivastab, California, CA
Deputy Treasurer
Mr. Shiva Bista, Towson, MD
Information Director
Mr. Ramesh Lamichhane, (BE)Dover, PA

Member at Large
Mr. Arjun B. Hamal (MBA, TU) Nottingham MD
Mr. Binaya Aryal, Falls Church, VA
Ms. Sita Pandey, Gaithersburg, MD

Thanks for your continued support to help build our community vision

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