Why the US observe Nepal through Indian lens?

Rajan Karki
Chief Editor, The Gorkha Express Weekly, Nepal

Having said that if there is no election, the NCP (Maoist) -the extremist faction of Mohan Baidya- will be in the fore front. Even if there is the disturbance in election, there will still be the control of Maoists over anarchism, governance, as well as the street agitation. As of now, if only the Himalayas appeared red, but in the coming days and months, the whole of Nepal will become crimson red. This red is so hot and aggressive that no force is on earth to prevent this red approaching advance? Even during the past 8 years of open politics, one has not seen Maoist forsaking its extremist activities of the days of people's war. Although these may not have been direct killing, but the objective of spreading mental fear psychoses is still persisting in the Nepali society. Maoists have yet to come fully within the fold of Loktantrik transformational order.
No doubt, one thousand four hundred sixty one (out of 17076) Maoist militants having undergone training and got integrated in Nepal Army. But, on the other hand, after securing their financial support to run their own independent lives, these Maoist militants of the recent past, particularly the declared unfit militants, have now converged and remain in an organized state and making public their extremist threats again in the society. Their threats may go well beyond the region.
The bitter truth, which has to be admitted, is that the thickness diameter and the balancing ring which exists between the two sides of the coins, them balancing power in yesterday's context was obviously the institution of monarchy. The pill of this indisputable down to earth and reality and truth, no matter how bitter it may look, cannot be rejected but has to be swallowed today as the central ring of the coin is simply missing. The balancing force is absent which has only left its foot prints on the sand of times.
The vital question that must perpetuate in every sane mind is that will Nepal and its suffering people oversee the silver lining of lasting democracy around the dark cloud? After 1996, Communists’ strength is increasing rapidly to such an extent that the so called democrats are feeling dwarfed and humiliated. If a realistic analysis of the present condition is to be made, the scenario of entire political landscape of the country appears to be like that of Afghanistan. Nepal is also vulnerable to be dragged through the similar explosive anarchic condition. The stark reality is emitting its signal to the world from the Himalayan rectangle. Nepal's democratic values and norms virtually rest on the power of disastrous explosives.  The US is watching the events but has yet to realize the gravity of the impending scenario.
Unquestionably, in the region of South Asia, India and China have to be reckoned as mighty powers. In other words, one cannot deny the down to earth act that the increasing powers of both these countries, is obviously  undeniable scar on the luster of America's singular super power image in the world. One cannot brush aside the geopolitical strategic fact that in South Asia, Nepal is the only country, which stands like Mt. Everest between India and China. This is also the reason that the excellent Nepal's strategic geographical position is of paramount importance which cannot be easily assessed. Despite this blaring reality in South Asia, America’s present policy is to look at India and encircle China. This is the grand reality of America's current policy in this region and this is also the indisputable truth which can’t be contradicted. (Although, however, proposal has been placed at the American senate not to look at Nepal through the Indian lens but directly through its own eyes, on the basis of country to country relationship.)
But what if the Dragon and the elephant join hands and chase the US time permitting?
In the same way if communism is allowed to increase and expand in an unbridled manner in Nepal, in due course of time, the components/elements of communists will grow and become deep rooted and fortify itself in this soil. In due course, if may become perhaps too late even for USA to be able to implement its communist dissipation and diffusion policy. It will only be wise and prudent for USA to remember Vietnam's push and Afghanistan's threat in this context. USA's vast channels of information agencies are active in Nepal. Extremely capable is the US Ambassador W. P. Bodde who has been striving hard in quest of his mission in Nepal. But yet is toeing the Indian policy.
Numerous information must have been approaching Washington through the peacock window of Kathmandu from American's permanent friends, INGOs, Peace Corps, Carter Center, Mission Hospitals and so on but, unfortunately the quality of information received by Washington could be nothing more important than the non-refined crude oil.
Till the time of squeezing out liquid by rinsing sand and to draw conclusion from crude feed bock information, it could become too late. By then India and China would have played their many triumph cards. The situation may once again arise similar to how the US felt as regards the Khampa incidents certainly, around 1974-75.
Loktantra is not just like fire crackers and glamour only. It has to be clean, independent and impartial election. It should be a function of responsibility, which should bring in an accountable government and effective, influential role of democratic fronts. This is the fundamental and true necessity of Nepal politically today and will remain for tomorrow as well. As soon as this political necessities are fulfilled but yet the communists will be throwing their weights against the state and virtually the state will be much reduced. Nepal's communist are responsible for increasing the numerical strength of the unemployed youths by creating obstacle in the industrial houses, hampering good governance, impeding export program in the state.
Hunger, poverty and unemployment are in fact the primary cause for giving birth of the communists because of such an adverse situation which is anarchical in nature, the youths of today are fleeing abroad in order to seek foreign employment because they feel that they have no future in Nepal.
Encouragement is being given to invest in unproductive sectors; even the revenue generated by remittance from abroad is being misused. Even the World Bank has made the research assessment that in the next 20 years, Nepal will become the country of only the old people and minor children. This finding also is signaling the fact that Nepal's future is becoming bleak and being dragged towards a failed state. No doubt there is the presence of USA in Nepal, but this presence of America could not help to Nepal to moor itself towards brightness. Democracy is decaying and becoming feeble like a long ailing patient while communists are strengthening and becoming healthy speaking in political terms. In essence this is the glaring failure of the great democratic nation like the USA in Nepal’s democratization efforts. America, that is why, I feel ashamed because on September 11, 2001, Al Qaida by making air attacks on USA, shocked the entire world. Thereafter, USA made efforts to launch worldwide movement against terrorism. Beginning 2002 anti-terrorism training was initiated in Nepal also. But it has now been 11 years, since the state power has been arrested from the hands of the Monarch and over these following periods, seven years have already passed stating that monarchy has come to an end. There is no elected representative in any parts of Nepal, state governance is in the hands of civil servants, nominated by parties as per their respective portion of share of the governing system. The proposed election of second constitutional Assembly is scheduled for November 19, 2013. The question is whether there be election or not ?
The four parties (Unified Maoists, Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, and Madhesi Morcha) by making a sort of syndicate have failed to convince the people. The dis-satisfied communists and the Janajati Parties (Ethnic groups) have announced that election will be disturbed.
In this prevailing confusing situation, the other burning question that arises:
What is the primary meaning of government of the people, for the people, and by the people? China and India have become influential in Nepal by strengthening their respective foundations through the Nepali leaders to what we now consider Loktantra and these leaders meet the alien leaders like rats and shake their pony tails. The super power America, the guardian of democracy, is spending time discussing over the proposal submitted by Darshan Rauniyar to have elected government in Nepal as it is not possible for the political leaders of Nepal having the character of snake, scorpion, and the frog, to be able to establish Loktantra and build a New Nepal based on Loktantric (democratic) norms and values.
America is willing to become the witness in Nepal's transformation so you have expressed your benevolent desire through His Excellency US Ambassador W.P. Bodde, that America is ready to do anything for the sake of democratization of Nepal. Will this statement is enough on your part as fulfillment of your commitments? Should not due attention be paid towards minimization of those anarchic elements that have been destroying the system, norms and institutions of democracy also?
Has not the time become ripe for America to seriously analyze South Asian political situation and mainly of Nepal's Loktantra (democracy) in today's changed context? Time and tide will not wait for any one. Perhaps, it may be an act of wisdom and prudence to hit the iron while it is red, to mold into the desired shape. The US is wasting its precious time. It may be too late if she doesn't act fast and begin looking Nepal through its own eyes.
For the sake of peace, long lasting democratic stability and ensuring of Loktantrik culture, and advancement of democratically progressive transformational new Nepal, the US must focus its attention in Nepal so that the population get a system as per the definition of Abraham Lincoln. 
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