Dear friends and family, Please help to Ishwari Tuladhar !

Dear friends and family, 
Our good friends and active community members Ishwari and Rakesh Tuladhar from Virginia is going through some difficult times. Ishwari was diagnosed with cancer in September and is undergoing continuous medical treatment in Georgetown Hospital, Washington DC. Ishwari has shown incredible resilience during these difficult times and God only know how much tears Rakesh has shed and is handling the mountain of pain and anguish. We can also only imagine what sort of emotions are playing through their two small daughters seeing their “superwoman” mother coping with such an illness. Ishwari and Rakesh Tuladhar are hardworking model citizens, always willing to help and support the Nepalese community in every way. For those of us that know the family, they have walked the American dream through thick and thin. Their dream of making their own destiny and being independent came true recently when they opened up their own business, Aero Travel Nepal, serving the travel sector. It was a momentous event for them living the American dream. However, with this unfortunate jolt to Ishwari’s health condition, Ishwari needs our prayers and the family needs our help in any way we can provide. We are raising funds to support Rakesh and Ishwari at this difficult time. 

click this link below and help please !

Please use the PayPal account created for this cause at www.muncha.com/ishwari or mail your cheque payable to Rakesh Tuladhar to the house address of Prajwol Karmacharya, 25497 Beresford Dr., Chantilly, VA 20152. Thank you for your kind support. 

With best regards 

- Ram Prasad Khanal - President and 

  International Artists Forum family.
 Editor in chief - Nepalmother.com and family

- Saroj Khanal - President and United Nepal family
 Advisor -  International Artists Forum and family

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