Covid19 Vaccine update

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- Sunita Sharma Koirala  

We are in a Covid19 crisis now . We all have been battling through this Covid 19 war since last year and finally,  we got the Covid19 vaccines .Since the Vaccines had been launched out last couple of weeks ago, almost 2 to 3 Million  of health care professionals have been vaccinated already and rest of the health professionals are on the waiting lists and are very excited to take it.

When I was about to write up something regarding Covid19 Vaccine update, I do not had exact Idea where to start ? I was searching  for the data and I was very curious to learn more facts about the Covid19 updates as well. Fortunately, I got a chance to participate in the Intellectual discussion that had been organized by the GPK (Girija Prasad Koirala) foundations America, held on Zoom on Sunday morning . The Topics of the discussion were -Does the Covid19 Vaccine stop the spread ? -How effective is the vaccine ? -Those vaccinated patients can still be infected and -Will there still be Covid19 in 2021 ?

Honestly, I was not prepared but I got really excited to learn more about the Covid19 situations and its updates so far so, I joined the meeting in the Zoom . When I joined the Virtual meeting, I found the Chairperson Honorable SuJata Koirala , The Girija Prasad Koirala Foundation President Somnath Ghimire including so many Intellectual health care professionals were already presented in the meeting .I exchanged my Greetings, Saying , Hi , Good Morning Everybody and said  “Namaste !” The discussion  was named  as “Doctor’s Debate - Series 25”  after everybody got joined the very high label discussion  got started.


During the meeting, I got a chance to learn a lot about the  facts that  there are about 3 Million health care professionals  already got the first dose of Covid19 vaccine and majority of the health care professionals got no side effects . According to the discussion 70% of the health care professionals got offered for covid19 vaccines but some of them hesitate to take it .


I noticed , currently , the two vaccines; Pfizer and Moderna  are practicing in the US hospitals and both of the Vaccines were doing well.While we were discussing over the side effects , one of the health care professionals said ,  “More than 200 health care professionals  who took the Covid19 vaccine already got badly affected and couple of died because of some kinds of allergic reactions on the other hand majority of the health care professionals are feeling well.”


When I had doing my last reporting I had researched , asked questions to couple of health care professionals and  found that after taking the First Covid19 Vaccines most of the Health Care Professionals were   feeling some mild symptoms and reactions which is normal . Some of the health professionals said they were getting Mashal  pain , headache, sore throat , but heard , few of them feeling sever reactions like vomiting , join pain, high fever including diarrhea as well .


During the meeting, I got understood the fact that  this all symptoms  is happening because of the Covid19 vaccines because after getting the vaccines their body is fighting for to make the antibodies as a consequence it is  giving some symptoms besides that lots of misunderstanding  are spreading through the  social media which is not  true.


During the discussion , majority of the scientists agree about the fact that  there is something specific behind the Covid19 reactions or side effects.  They said ,  “May be there is something else going under their health or body from so far that’s why they are getting that kinds of reactions .”

One of the Dr. added “We got noticed  after vaccination only that the person got some kinds of allergies  because reactions can be seen only after implementing the vaccine that’s why before launching the vaccine Scientists had tried both of the vaccines for the most healthiest persons and It got tested in both human as well as animals but most of the people are rejecting the vaccines saying that  it has not been tested properly .This is the reason why these kind of awareness must be created.”

I got noticed about the fact  that majority of the people are afraid of taking the Vaccines but we should not afraid it instead we all must encourage everybody  to take the vaccines.

While I had conducted the research last time majority of the people were blaming FDA and expressing their dissatisfaction to the Vaccines saying, “Vaccine had not been properly tested but directly Implemented in to the human bodies so they are not ready to take it but I got the answer of this question right Here..  “We tested on 100 patients, and  out of 100 patients if 95 percent got tested in good condition then this is the  wonderful” DR. Shyam Karki , A Sr. Medical Scientists mentioned  during the discussion.

I understood,  it is very important to take the Flu Shot Vaccine every year .Similarly , Covid19 Vaccine is also Important to take it.

As far we all know about the fact that every year, 50 thousand Americans are dying  in the USA just because of the Flu infections but still, they do not care .Similarly , majority of the people are  thinking that Covid19 is like a Flu and it will go away. Unfortunately,   the number of the Covid19 deaths has been reached into the pick level and  people are  battling  with the covid19 issues and lots of people died, still some of the people has not been realized that it is not like a Flu . In the USA  Political parties have even made the Covid19 as a political issue and some of the parties are  still not believe wearing  the masks, using hand sanitizers  and even ignoring the social distances as a consequences Covid19 crisis reached to the pick level and  more than Three Million Fifty-one thousand Americans have been died in this Pandemic.

Similarly, a new type of Virus has been emerged in the UK and has been developed large number of mutations and confirmed in the many European countries including Colorado and California states in the USA. Now , some people are more scary about those viruses than Flues and Covid19 because these viruses seems to spread more easily and quickly than Covid19. Till now there is no study that it causes more severe illness or increase risk of death. That’s why scientists were recommending  it is better to accept the flu vaccines than nothing because Flu shots  can work a lot on this kind of diseases and can give a better protection for certain diseases like pneumonia and can save us from other kinds of  viruses too unfortunately some people do not listen.

While discussing about the spread , what exactly is happening with in the people that most of the Asymptomatic  patients who are thinking about that they do not have seen any symptoms and they have not been infected by the Covid 19 and they are living within the family and they have been freely doing  back and forth to  their families to the other families as a consequence spreading the viruses.

As discussed in the meeting ,Flu is around 50  years old. Covid19 also exists in the word since 50 -60 years ago unfortunately, people did not recognize it . If people got mild symptoms had been cured by side medications and survived. This fact  has been discovered right now because scientists have been found that Covid19 had been taking their space since many years but people did not notice before and when they knew about it Covid19 has become a  big issue for the whole world and millions  of people has been died because of the Covid19 pandemic.

 Since last year scientists has been fighting against the Covid19 vaccines and now they got it .  In order to stop spread and to control the Covid19 disease ,Two  Vaccines named, “ Pfizer “and “Moderna “ has been came in to the practice in the USA . Other  Vaccines from UK, Chinese  and Russian vaccines are on the way to the market. It came to the News that  India also approved the Vaccines from Bharat Biotech and Oxford/ AstraZenica.

Moreover, Jonson and Johnsons one dose vaccine from the USA is also about to launch soon and Scientists said this Vaccine is sufficient for Just one dose so all people are eagerly waiting for these vaccines as soon as possible in all countries .

During the discussion I understood  “Vaccine will be available to everybody soon. In 2021 , most of the Asian and African American countries will be vaccinated and in 2022 all the population will be vaccinated. Most of the Company will get a License to make a Vaccine and Mass production vaccine will be available to the public in the less than a Dollar cost and it will be reach to the whole world Immediately .”

 “Until vaccines will reach to 70 to 80 percent of the people we will have a problem and this  disease cannot be last till 2021, so we have to be very careful about the side effects because side effects can give reactions and that can be even life threatening or just a mild we have to see it .” One of the Scientists added.

They mentioned “Even if everybody got the vaccines, Covid19 will remain till 2022.” Therefore, scientists are trying to find the real cause of the disease and trying their best to help prevent these diseases and help decreasing  the number of deaths in the family.

Last but not the least, “Covid19 have taught us a lesion about that we must have to fight against the Covid19 and restrict the diseases. After the pandemic started we everybody learned the very hard lesion from the covid19 that we all must take the extra ordinary precautions in order to control the disease.” They said.

 “We all are very optimistic and hopeful to the vaccines until we get it we  still need to follow the rules and guidelines , need to take the extra ordinary precautions by wearing masks , hand sanitizations and  maintaining social distances. “One of the health professionals said .

Moreover , in the end, a health care expert said , “ Pregnant women also can take the vaccine but it is up to her and her doctors . “ Similarly , heart patients also can access the medication only the patients with the allergies need to be cations before taking the Covid19 vaccine .Otherwise , everybody recommended to take the Vaccine.

Finally, Wishing you all the best for the Covid19 Vaccines , everybody !


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