“Reflecting on Covid19 Victims and a vision for a future “

 - By sunita Sharma Koirala 

 Today , As I have attended a program organized by an Interfaith council for Community development ( ICCD) , GPK Koirala foundation Americas  in Collaboration with Faith Leaders on the topic of “Reflecting on Covid19 Victims and a vision for a future “ was really wonderful. The program was hosted by Saleem M. Syed , the General Secretary of ICCD and a number of Community leaders and expertise expressed their Visions and special Brief remarks in the memory of Covid19 Victims and shared their vision for the future of the community was really heart touching. 

The theme of the Interfaith Program is to broaden our thinking in a community level and also assimilate in to the American melting pot by respecting each other’s Faith , Cultural Values , religions and beliefs  . 

As we all know that   America is made by immigrants and we have all came through diverse cultural and different ethnic backgrounds   . We have different race but got one  humanity . We have only one God and the God has made everybody equal. We have only one race and that is humanity . 

As a human being even we have a different skin color but the blood is the same  . The experts shared their views that we have to broaden our thinking,   understand vision and the fact that we all are the same . 

As we all know, we had  one of the great tragedies last year . as more than  6 hundred 56 thousands people have died in the USA because of the COVID 19 and all over the world , more than 4.5 million  people have lost their lives because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

And was  not only that many victims have died alone . lots and lots of families lost their loved one , lots of children lose their parents and even did not get a chance to say final goodbye to their loved one . It was so heart broken moments for everybody while the United Stats had been  badly hit by the pandemic  and  it is still going on fortunately, we got vaccines now and all three vaccines Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are working fine and we have a victory over the Covid19 for some extent .We lost , lots of people in our neighborhood, communities and in the county , which is really pain . We have great loss in our family and Socity and Which is never reparable . 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic , and many other hardships, we are moving forward into  our ordinary lives. In the world the upsurge of new variants of COVID-19 is still crippling lives , and we are adopting more precautions and preventive measures and we are being safe day by day because of the vaccines . 

We are safe but not hundred percent safe yet . Still , some of us are in the pain but we are somehow getting relief because of the vaccines. 

As we know that we have lose lots of people in our comunity and we all would like to express our deepest condolences to the family  Who have lost their lives and family members in this deadly pandemic and we should pray for everyone and we are praying all together. 

Covid has not gone yet so, still we have to take the precautions  . Living in the community we have to understand every body’s faith , values , religion and we all should respect each other’s cultures as a human because we should never forget the God is only one and everybody are created equal .  

In the event Ex. General Rookmangud Katawal former chief of the Army Staff Nepal Army and Honorary General of The Indian Army and Respected Comunity leaders, Government Chief Guest  Dr. Ray and GPK koirala Foundation President Somenath Ghimere also presented and have addressed the events “reflecting on Covid-19 victims and a vision for the future”


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